Christchurch wheelie bins confuse

Yay finally, after trailing behind lots of other cities including Timaru (ugh!) we have finally caught up with the times and now have wheelie bins – hot diggety dooo! From about early March we have started using the three separate wheelie bins; the weekly green organics bin, and the bi-weekly red (general rubbish) and yellow (recyclables) bins.

Blog name change

Just a quick post to announce that I’ve just this very minute, renamed my blog to ‘Christchurch NZ – News, Reviews & Muse’ as I feel this more accurately reflects what I usually end up blogging about. This is not to say I no longer have an interest in web development or online marketing (or even pogosticks for that matter) but this blog is more about me and what I do and see in the great garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

City to Surf Christchurch ‘fun’ run

Hands up everyone who enjoys running? Ok you two freaks at the back of the room can put your hands down. I mean seriously it doesn’t seem too smart especially when technology has saved us from the bone-jarring, sweat-inducing past-time known as jogging (or is it yogging, maybe a soft ‘j’) – apparently you just run for an extended period of time, wild huh?!? But that’s exactly what thousands of happy campers will be doing early Sunday morning, 29 March 2009 for the annual City to Surf. This is a 12km run from the Christchurch city square out to QEII. There is a shorter 6km option for the smart ones leaving from Porritt Park. I wonder if Kings of Leon will be there, after their gig the night before??

2009 Ellerslie Flower Show Christchurch

Well after all the shouting, crying and whining was over (by city councillors mostly) the Ellerslie Flower Show arrived for its inaugural splash in the city of Christchurch (please somebody remove Ellerslie from the name! I don’t want to think I’ve somehow been portalled to Auckland!). Ok so I made up the word ‘portalled’ but I like it …