Getting to grips with your new website can be challenging to begin with but don’t panic – help is never far away. Give yourself time, take on one thing at a time and with a little perseverance you’ll be a website-editing master – and remember: Google is your friend!

Here is a collection of some common questions our clients have when managing their website (we will be adding more questions here over time). Of course, if anything’s unclear or you’d like us to organise some on-site tech support for you (extra charges apply) then please contact us!

Here are some things you can check if you’re experiencing issues with your website or email services. Please keep in mind if there is any issue with our hosting service we are notified immediately and are working on the problem and will have it restored as soon as possible.

My website is down

  • Check if it’s down for everyone using a website like – if they can access it then the problem is with your internet connection.
  • Check your domain has the correct settings – if you use our nameservers make sure they are: and – if you use an A record to point to our hosting make sure it is
  • Check your domain hasn’t expired
  • Check your hosting account with us is up-to-date (make sure you are receiving emails from [email protected] – check your spam or promotions folder, or add this address to your contacts)
  • If our hosting service is experiencing an outage we are notified immediately and are working on the problem and will have it restored as soon as possible.

My email isn’t working!

  • Is your email with Google, Microsoft or Zoho? Ask their support for help and follow their instructions.
  • If your email is with us, can you access it via the webmail portal? (
  • Have you reached your quota limit – can you delete some large emails?
  • Have you tried setting up your email using a Gmail account (how do I do that?)
  • Also, check the list for website troubleshooting above.

Great question! We’ve written a guide of recommended best practices for managing your WordPress website here.

While we provide managed hosting for our clients, including running updates periodically it is ultimately the responsibility of the website owner to take care of any updates or maintenance. Of course, we are on standby if they need any assistance.

The majority of our websites are built using WordPress. It is designed to be user-friendly but like anything new give yourself time to get the hang of it and explore all of its features. Explore all the main functions of WordPress using the interactive manual.

Open WordPress Manual

Elementor makes it easier for you to build WordPress web pages. If your website is set up with Elementor, watch this introduction video for some tips on how to use it.

Using WooCommerce store manager it’s easy to update your products as needed. After logging in to your website, go to the Products menu and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the product to edit it (you can use the search tool to find it)
  2. Scroll down to Product Image and click to add (or change the current one)
  3. Find the image you want to use (or upload a new one) and select it
  4. Click Update to save your change

How your website ranks in the search results depends on a number of factors including how old your site is, how competitive the keyword search phrases you are chasing and how well-known your business is.

Every PogoStick website built is provided with basic optimization to get it started but then it’s over to the business owner to promote the website. You can hire an SEO expert but before you do anything we recommend you educate yourself on how SEO works. Here’s a beginners guide to get you started.

While SEO is a good long-term strategy, if you want to get on the first page of Google search results in a hurry then we recommend Google paid advertising – we can help.

Find out more.

If you can’t even find your website in Google’s search results, we explain what might be happening and what you can do about it here.

The advantage of accessing your email via the internet is that you can get it anywhere, from any internet-connected device – a laptop, a tablet or even your phone. Depending on the email service we have set you up with you’ll see the basic instructions below. In some cases you may be required to provide additional security information.

The username credential in most instances will be: [email protected]

  • Zoho – Visit and sign in using the credentials we provided you. For a better experience on mobile phones and tablets visit (or install the Zoho app).
  • – Visit the custom domain we provided or go to and login with your credentials.
  • Google Apps – Visit the custom domain we provided or go to and login.
  • PogoStick email – Visit to access your webmail (replace with your website name).

These instructions apply to our standard email accounts – if you use a third-party like Google or Zoho please contact them for assistance.

It’s quite common these days to get large emails but be aware that these can quickly fill up your email inbox and mean you reach your account limit, preventing you from sending or receiving any emails, until emails are deleted.

You can avoid this by making sure that a copy of your emails are not being left on the mail server. To find out how to do that click here.

All PogoStick websites are installed with Jetpack (if you don’t have it, let us know and we’ll set it up for you). Jetpack includes Site Stats, which offers a range of interesting information about visitors to your website, including how many, where they came from and what pages they visited.

After logging in, simply go to the Jetpack menu and choose Site Stats. Click on the chart to drill down for more detail. If you would like to upgrade to using Google Analytics instead let us know.

If you’d like to experiment with the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) without potentially breaking your live website, visit this test site (not associated with PogoStick Web Services Ltd).

If you have our Retail Premium package, you will be using WooCommerce to manage your shop. Instructions on using WooCommerce can be found here.

Let us know if you have any question, or would like to import products in bulk.

Contact forms are not 100% reliable – and some customers choose not to have them at all.

However, they should work fine if set up correctly and the target email address is accepting emails from your website.

If you’ve sent a test and haven’t received it within about 10 minutes, check your spam or promotions folder. If it’s not there, edit your contact form settings and send to a gmail address instead.

This test can tell you that the receiving email is the problem – check with your email provider or contact us for assistance.

A records: One thing you can check are your DNS records – they need to include a SPF text record that includes the following:

See this article for more information.