Goldfish packed their bags and joined Michael Jackson

I know Benjamin Franklin said only death and taxes were certain in life but surely that doesn’t apply to goldfish? For starters they don’t drive on our roads or attend our schools (they have their own) and they’re not interested in supporting our pointless and costly referendums so maybe if they aren’t required to pay tax perhaps they could be exempted from dying too? Especially the ones that live in my pond – please, pretty please!

Farewelling a good friend

Before I get into a bit of rant this week about Telecom’s abysmal XT ad campaign, I just wanted to farewell a long-time and trustworthy friend. It’s not often you have someone around that loyally helps out week after week, for almost two years and then just quietly disappear, never to be seen again. Someone like that really becomes part of the family and I was really surprised just how hard it was to let go, knowing we’d never see each other again.

Does daylight savings mess with your head?

Well its the first week of non-daylight savings and while I am sad to say goodbye to one of the icons of summer I don’t miss those super dark mornings biking to the gym. This morning I actually got to the gym on time and didn’t really feel that tired – its almost like my internal body clock is happier with the later finish coupled with a later start but maybe that’s all in my imagination and next week it will be back to normal.