Getting a new website built (we have some very affordable options) is really only the first step towards making use of the internet to promote your business. There’s often plenty of admin, maintenance, new promotions, updates and fix-ups needed over time.

Our hosting packages cover some of these tasks but then there are the other things that need doing – new content, adding downloads, updating business hours or making styling changes (including changes to the CSS, HTML or JavaScript code). As a busy business owner you may not have the time or inclination to learn how to do these things.

What are your options?

There are a few different options businesses take to care for their website tasks including:

  1. Teach themselves – While this might seem like the stressful choice, not to mention time consuming – it is – it’s a common choice because a lot of small business owners (a) try to do everything on the cheap and (b) don’t value their time – so spending several hours wrestling with a change that could take a professional 20 minutes doesn’t seem to be the terrible financial choice it is.
  2. Lean on a friend – Also a cheap option but can be useful if you have a friend that has technical skills and is willing to help out as a favour. The flipside is it can strain friendships and because favours are generally done after-hours it could mean the job doesn’t get done for days or weeks, or you get stranded when they leave the country.
  3. A new or existing employee – This can be a costly option – a full-time employee with technical skills will set you back around $900 a week and you’d have to have a lot of website work to make it worthwhile. Using an existing employee means a diversion from revenue-generating tasks and many hours of googling how to do stuff.
  4. Use a website agency – Also a costly option but at least limited to specific work that needs to be done. A word of caution: shop around and get quotes – there is a massive variance in fees for even simple tasks. If you’re not sure about something don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Four options, representing both ends of the cost and frustration spectrum – we’d like to suggest a better way.

Affordable website maintenance services

We feel like there should be a nice middle option for small businesses–one that balances price with convenience, and work done right the first time–so we’re offering a range of website services available to any business, whether they’re an existing PogoStick client or brand new, to get web work done.

Website services include:

  • Styling updates – Change of colours, new font or just getting stuff to line up nicely, we can help with cleaning up your CSS style sheets.
  • Making it mobile friendly – If your website doesn’t play nice with small screens then it’s time to make it mobile friendly – we can help with advice on making your website responsive.
  • Photo edits – Need to make your photos more website friendly? Resize, crop, lighten or retouch – we can help.
  • Copy updates – How’s the text on your website? Does it read well? Is it persuasive or likely to put readers to sleep? Get a professional copywriter to rework it!
  • Coding – Need someone to get under the hood and sort out the gremlins? JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery – whatever it is we can look into it for less.
  • WordPress maintenance – WordPress is our thing, it’s what we do and we’ve been doing it for over 10 years so if you’ve got issues with updates, backups, plugins or themes, give us a call (we mean email).

Need something done that’s not on this list? Just ask; we’ve been doing websites so long we can tackle just about anything.

We’re here to help; not help ourselves to your life savings

While your website is very central to your business, it shouldn’t mean that you need to hand over stacks of cash anytime you want something fixed. Unfortunately there are a lot of providers out there who charge like they’re going out of business and we don’t believe that’s right.

As long as we’ve been in business (over 10 years now) we’ve championed a fair price for website services and we aim to keep it that way. We have a reasonable hourly rate, can provide cost estimates up front as well as suggesting the most affordable option for what you want to achieve.

So get in touch and compare our prices – we know we won’t be beaten and you could save hundreds.

I need help with my website – Now what?

If you need assistance fixing your website let us help – here are a few suggestions to make the process quick and easy:

  • Send us the detailsEmail us with as much detail as possible about what you need help – you don’t need to know all the technical terms just try to explain it in your own words. At a minimum we’ll need your website address and how urgent the job is.
  • Have logins etc handy – To do the work or fix the problem we will most likely need a login to your wordpress (administrator level) or hosting account. After the work is complete you can change the passwords.
  • Install TeamViewer – For setups or fixes on your desktop or laptop computer we will need you to have TeamViewer installed (it’s free).

After receiving your request we will reply as soon as possible (within one working day, normally sooner) with details on how long the work should take and the estimated cost – by asking us to proceed with the work you’re accepting our terms of service. We may also require a deposit before proceeding (which can be paid online).

We look forward to sorting out your website work – quickly, reliably and affordably – so talk to us today!

Business website services – Do you need help?