Yay finally, after trailing behind lots of other cities including Timaru (ugh!) we have finally caught up with the times and now have wheelie bins – hot diggety dooo! From about early March we have started using the three separate wheelie bins; the weekly green organics bin, and the bi-weekly red (general rubbish) and yellow (recyclables) bins.

However Christchurch residents don’t take too well to change and there’s a little bit of confusion, notably about what day to put out which bin. It’s easy to spot the confused residents – they’re the ones with the red bin out when everyone else has their yellow bin out, or they have all three out. It didnt help that the calendars sent out by the CCC (Christchurch City Council) were not quite right with start dates a little early, but as with any new system you have to give it time to settle in and to be honest I’m loving it. The pure convenience of having a wheelie bin to turf your grass clippings into, or rubbish or recyclables, then just wheel them out to the road is fantastic – my Tuesday night routine has gone from about 30 minutes down to less than five.

And for anyone who has wondered how the new trucks work, I managed to sneak a quick clip of one collecting early one Wednesday morning. Our street just happened to be flooded at the time so it made even more interesting for the driver (who is now a YouTube celebrity).

By the way they can’t get over parked cars, so the driver actually needs to move the bins – I bet they’re so tempted to drive over the top of them! I get to hear about some of the calls that come through about these bins and they had one caller complain that the council had chosen rastafarian colours – seriously, no joke! There’s a good FAQ at the official site www.loveyourrubbish.co.nz.

ps If you do have any questions about the bins let me know, I know people 🙂

Christchurch wheelie bins confuse

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    hi! i’ll see what i can do. i sometimes leave for work before they arrive but if i run into some, ill snap them!

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