Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is one of the quickest, easiest and most measurable ways to get your website on the first page of Google’s search results.

We are qualified to take care of all your Ads requirements, with years of experience and Google certification we can help you explore the wide range of options available with Google Ads to maximise your advertising spend. This is vital because a lack of knowledge is the biggest mistake most new advertisers make, wasting a lot of money on advertising that doesn’t return any value.

Explore different Ads options including:

  • Remarketing – Tag visitors that come to your website so you can advertise directly to them when they visit other websites that feature Google advertising. This type of advertising enjoys a high conversion rate.
  • Image ads – Static or moving image ads to attract attention, appearing on websites with interests closely related to your niche.
  • Text ads – Have ads show up on search results of your choice. Who’s looking for your product or service? Someone who searches for it in Google, that’s who!
  • Campaign management – Let us assist with setting up your campaigns and managing your budgets.
  • Hit the right people– Target your campaigns to searchers in specific locations, at specific times.
  • Conversion tracking – Find out which clicks are working by tracking it right through to conversion.
  • Reporting – Get valuable feedback on how your campaign is performing so you can know the best areas to invest your advertising spend.
  • Negative keywords – It’s just as important to make sure you’re not advertising for the wrong keywords as it is the right ones.

$297 Google Ads Starter Package

A great way to make the perfect start with Google Ads, our Starter Package includes:

  • Setting up your campaign (incl all the necessary web code to track clicks and goal conversions)
  • Development of ad strategy and setting up conversion goals (if required)
  • Setting up campaign settings including budget and location
  • Creating ad groups and supporting keywords based on your target market
  • Writing up to five text ads (display image ads available*)
  • Linking to specific sales pages on your site (can create dedicated landing pages if preferred*)
  • Setting up reporting (Google Analytics using the Google Tag Manager)
  • $100 advertising credit (subject to availability, requires $25 ad spend before credit is applied)

*May incur additional charges

*Please note that additional charges may be incurred for a high level of customisation or stock photography.

Google Analytics – Know more, Sell more

Our Google Analytics certification means we understand the importance of analysing your website traffic, and using that information to make improvements that enhance the customer experience and lead to more conversions.

Google Analytics is the perfect complement to Ads, providing you with valuable insight on a range of metrics including where your customers are coming from, how they interact with your website and possible roadblocks to completing the sale or collecting a lead.

With our Google Ads service we can provide you with free access to your Google Analytics console so you can review website performance at any time, in real time.

The more you know about what’s working, the more you can fine tune your ad spend and increase ROI.

Let us show you how!