Hands up everyone who enjoys running? Ok you two freaks at the back of the room can put your hands down. I mean seriously it doesn’t seem too smart especially when technology has saved us from the bone-jarring, sweat-inducing past-time known as jogging (or is it yogging, maybe a soft ‘j’) – apparently you just run for an extended period of time, wild huh?!? But that’s exactly what thousands of happy campers will be doing early Sunday morning, 29 March 2009 for the annual City to Surf. This is a 12km run from the Christchurch city square out to QEII. There is a shorter 6km option for the smart ones leaving from Porritt Park. I wonder if Kings of Leon will be there, after their gig the night before??

Anyhoo sarcasm to one side, I will actually be there in my $5 dollar shorts and orthopeadically dangerous footwear, competing for first place but only competing against that small child with the limp. I’ve got a good feeling about this. My wife, Crystal, is very good at participating in these sorts of things. She was the one who motivated me to get involved last year, in fact she’s pretty awesome as my very own events manager. She just seems to know exactly what events are happening and where; working for the council probably helps but still extremely handy!

City 2 Surf official site

Now I know you want me to give up my top-secret training tips but sorry no can do. It’s a carefully guarded technique, handed down from one couch potatoe generation to another. Essentially it uses the power of the mind to pretend you are running. It’s incredible the tricks you can play on yourself (although I don’t know how some people can tickle themselves silly). So that’s it – all set, see you there. I’ll be easy to spot, curled up on the side of the road, a few hundred metres from the start while a small child with a limp skips past. Always good fun!

By the way, even though my training tips are way too top secret, feel free to share yours here!

City to Surf Christchurch ‘fun’ run
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