Has your current website agency or hosting provider increased their prices? Do you feel like you’re paying too much but don’t know how to switch providers? We have some good news for you.

It’s often a lot easier, faster and cheaper than you think. A lot of clients who have moved have also noticed that their website performance also improved significantly, helping create a better user experience and search engine optimisation results (SEO).

Now’s the time to take advantage of cheaper hosting prices, start saving your business today by following these two easy steps. If you’d like to get a quote for changing website hosts, just get in touch. You may even be eligible for a free transfer. Also note that some websites are not designed to be transferred to another host, including services like Shopify, Squarespace, Zeald and other proprietary systems that are designed to lock users into their own hosting plans. It is still possible, so just get in touch if you’d like move away and we can discuss your options.

Step 1 – Transfer your domain

Transferring your domain doesn’t change your current website hosting or email services. You keep any pre-purchased domain period, the transfer is free and it can be done online in just a few minutes. If you prefer, we can do this for you.

To action the transfer, you’ll need your domain password (UDAI, pronounced you-die). This can be obtained from your current domain registrar. If you don’t know who your current registrar is, you can check it on the public DNC website.

You can then head over to domains.pogostick.co.nz and process the transfer. In some cases, you’ll receive an email to confirm the transfer. If the transfer hasn’t completed within a few days, contact us for assistance.

Review the full instructions here and some common questions.

By way of a reminder, your domain name is an important business asset and should be in your name. We strongly recommend if you are registering a new domain, you do it yourself (which you can do online here, cheapest website domain names in NZ) or if it is in someone else’s name they transfer ownership to you (this is free for NZ domains).

Once your domain name has transferred, we can start the process of moving your website files.

Step 2 – Provide an admin login for your website

For CMS websites (e.g. WordPress, Joomla etc) an admin login allows you to export your website files. If you have a static HTML website then a login to your current hosting service will be needed (e.g. cPanel).

With an admin login we can assess the current state of your website, identify opportunities to optimise it and package up the files ready for transferring to our hosting service. If we spot any problems or potential issues, we will let you know.

Doing the website transfer with minimum disruption

When these two steps have been completed, we are ready to do the transfer. Generally, we do the transfer after midnight to avoid any disruption to your live site, which is particularly important for ecommerce online stores. After completing the transfer, we will run some checks to make sure it has switched over successfully, after which we will email you to confirm the transfer is complete.

We also recommend you run your own tests (e.g. sending and receiving emails, completing contact forms or processing a test order on the shop).

Benefits of switching to our hosting service

Sometimes it can just seem like too much of an effort to switch. Website hosting companies and design agencies rely on this to keep you stuck with them, and it makes it easy for them to keep hiking up their prices.

But if you’re tired of being used as an ATM for a greedy agency, it’s time to make a stand, and we’re making it super easy for NZ businesses to get a better deal on their website hosting.

Save big money on your ongoing website costs – Monthly website hosting and maintenance costs can add up over the lifetime of your website. Even saving just a few dollars each month makes a difference, and can make your business more profitable. We recently had one client tell us their current NZ hosting provider was increasing their prices from $52 to over $100 a month, and this wasn’t even going to include doing WordPress updates. They switched to our $12.90/mo plan and are now saving big dollars every, and each year they’ll be $1,000 richer. One other bonus for this client was speed.

Faster website performance – Our hosting service is fine-tuned with Litespeed caching. You’ll also get a personalised review and update from an experienced website technician (free for all new hosting clients) to improve page speed and loading times. The client mentioned above saw the speed of their website increase from 60% to almost 100% shortly after making the switch.

Personalised service from a Kiwi business – Join a company that was started in Christchurch and has been providing personalised service and digital marketing advice for more than 15 years. With PogoStick Web Services you’re not just a number, and you get to deal with someone who speaks your language, and understands what your business needs. We hate bad customer service just as much as you! We are also very committed to continue providing NZ businesses with the best prices for all things website related.

Ready to switch hosting services?

We aim to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. So, if you’re ready for better service and lower prices, then just take a minute now to complete this form and we’ll be in touch. It’s that easy.

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Two easy steps to change website hosts (and save $$$ with a much cheaper monthly plan)