Why choose PogoStick Web Services?

At PogoStick our philosophy is maximum service at minimum cost. We have plenty of happy clients, impressed with our speedy, professional service and our tiny invoices. In fact our low overheads mean we can undercut the competition by hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Shop around and you’ll see what we mean!

So if you’ve decided it’s time to dive into the online world and get your business, social club or family a website of its own but you’ve been put off by expensive monthly fees and setup costs then you’ve come to the right place. PogoStick is here to put an end to that and offer you this unbeatable cheap website package, with no nasty strings attached.

What’s included with every website package?

With every website package you purchase from PogoStick you’ll get…

  • Our maintenance packages include both hosting and email services to suit your business requirements as well as ongoing assistance, upgrades and updates to your site.
  • Up to 5 dedicated email addresses e.g. you@yourname.co.nz, more available.
  • Up to five pages created, ready for you to add your own content. You can use them to profile your business, sports team – anything! More pages can be added easily using the content management system that is included, or we can do this on your behalf at an hourly rate.
  • Choose your look with hundreds of great looking designs to choose from, or we can customise to suit your existing branding (extra charge may apply)
  • You’ll get a content management system (WordPress) that will allow you to add new pages, edit existing pages, upload photos and more!
  • Up to 500MB of space and 500MB of monthly traffic hosting, which is generally more than enough for most websites (more space and bandwidth available on our Premium Hosting plan, which is required for e-commerce or larger business websites).
  • All sites are delivered with standard search engine optimisation (SEO) including addition to local directories such as the Google Places directory improving the profile and visibility of your business on the internet. (on request)
  • Setup with real-time analytics to find out how many visits your site is getting and other interesting information.
  • Site search so visitors can easily find what they need.
  • Blog-ready – Blogs are a great way to communicate with your customers and improve your search engine ranking.
  • Database-ready – This optional extra has many applications and can be a very useful business tool.
  • Shopping cart – Ready to start selling online direct from your website? Add a fully functional e-commerce shopping cart to your PogoStick website for just $599 or build from the ground-up with our Retail Premium package. It can integrate directly with Stripe, PayPal as well as other payment gateways to make it easy peasy for customers to buy directly from your website and for you to get paid!

What if I don’t like my PogoStick website?

When peace of mind is important…

When you’re choosing a new service provider, there can be some ‘fear of the unknown’ and the last thing any of us want is to get stung with a bad deal, especially when you’re in business and every dollar counts. It’s important to us that our clients are happy with choosing PogoStick Web Services and we work really hard to make sure they are.

In the rare event you want to take your business to another web design company and we can’t convince you to stay, we will make the move as hassle-free as possible, delivering your website files and domain name, ready for another provider to work with. Peace of mind is knowing that, if you have to, you can easily switch, and it won’t cost you a thing.

How does your lowest price promise work?

We are so confident that our pricing for professional business websites is the best in the country that if you find a local website company offering a better deal then we promise to undercut them by 10%. The long list of features we include at no extra charge with our websites means you’re unlikely to find anyone but if you do come across an established NZ owned and operated company doing a better deal then let us know to claim your discount!

Help! What do I write about on my website?

Writing can be tough at the best of times but don’t worry. To get you started here’s a free template guide to cover the main things you will want to communicate to your visitors.

Keep it brief, concise, clear and easy to follow – your visitors are looking for answers not a bedtime story!

And remember, with your PogoStick website you can revisit the text anytime to edit and refine it as needed, and it won’t cost you a thing.

What if I need help or training using my website?

While we aim to provide you with the most user-friendly website content editor (also known as a CMS – Content Management System) and intuitive email services you may feel you need additional support. Our pricing doesn’t allow us to include on-site or one-on-one technical assistance however we do provide answers to common questions, can organise remote online assistance (using TeamViewer, extra costs apply) or can arrange outside help for you (e.g. The Troubleshooters, Geeks on Wheels etc; they will invoice you directly).

Can you help with commercial artwork and logos?

Creating the right impression for your business often comes down to something as basic as having the right logo. It can speak volumes about your business and go a long way to attracting your chosen target market. We offer a simple logo design service and also work with independent designers for more extensive artwork and brand development.

What if I need help with computer parts and servicing?

Businesses in the 21st century rely on computers and when they don’t work like they should it’s frustrating.

The Troubleshooters are a business that puts their customers first, resolving IT issues, purchasing and installing new computer hardware and even turbo-charging your setup if that’s what you’re after!

The Troubleshooters are a Christchurch business based in Kaiapoi, NZ and run by experienced IT consultant, Grant Duxfield. Visit speedingbullet.co.nz to learn more.

What about email marketing?

Email is still an essential part of an online marketing campaign, and when done right can be a huge boost to your business, both offline and online.

We take care of the whole process from creating a plan, developing content, deciding on targets, goals and calls to action to formatting, sending and managing subscriptions. We can also integrate sign-up forms with your existing website and offer strategic advice on the best communication plan for your business.

Cost: $40/hour for email formatting, design, writing and mailing plus email service costs.

Contact us today to enquire further about our email marketing services.

Do you write the content for my new website?

Our website packages don’t include written content but they do include a fully-featured content management system so you can add and edit content yourself. We can also add the initial content for your first few pages (provided to us as a Word document). For an extra fee, we can also provide a copywriting service.

Web Copywriting

If you want your website to really sell your business, you must use the right words. Think of it as salesmanship on screen. Sure you could just write your website yourself but consider the following…

  • Do you understand sales psychology, search engines and how people read on screen? These are necessary if you want to write copy that sells.
  • Is writing the best use of your time? Wouldn’t you be better concentrating on more dollar productive activities?
  • Can you write great copy quickly? You need to get your new website live as soon as possible so it is earning you money. You can’t afford delays while you get around to writing!

If you are spending serious money having a website built then you need to engage a professional marketing copywriter to write words that will get results.

Cost: $40/hour (free quote)

Do you do web databases?

The heart of the modern business is data, whether it be data about your customers, your sales or your products and services. It is vital that you are able to store and retrieve this vital information efficiently, securely and quickly.

To manage your data effectively you need a well-designed and maintained database. We can sit down with you and help design your central database as well as how it will be used.

We can help build a secure, online database that can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection with a multi-level security system for use by both staff and customers.

Talk with us about the possibilities!

Cost: $40/hour (free quote)

What advantages are there in hosting my website with PogoStick?

If you’ve already got a website (if you don’t talk to us – we can help!) chances are you’re paying more than you should for website hosting and email services. Switch to us and start saving today!

Benefits of hosting with PogoStick Web Services

  • Hosting plan that grows with your business – With a flexible hosting plan you don’t have to put limits your website’s storage or bandwidth
  • Reliable, fast US-based servers
  • A complete business hosting and email package for just $7.90 a month! (3-month minimum)
  • Free website maintenance (conditions apply – see our Website Maintenance information page)
  • Easily transfer your existing website – whether it’s in WordPress, Joomla, PHP/MySQL, HTML or some other CMS

For most small businesses, our $7.90 a month Website Maintenance package is everything you need. If you have a larger site, check out our Premium Hosting package – we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out how much you can save compared to traditional, overpriced hosting.

What about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Optimisation (SMO)?

Your site is no good to you if it can’t be found. This is where search engine optimisation (or SEO, also known as SEM – Search Engine Marketing) plays an important role in making sure your site is jumping up and down and getting noticed by search engines, Google in particular. You also need to make sure the people who find your site and the people you’re trying to target (qualified leads).

The rapid growth of social media (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) also mean you need to have a business plan that includes optimising for social media and benefiting from the power of viral marketing.

This service includes reviewing your site’s content, your own marketing strategy, use of Google AdWords and links to other sites.

Learn more about our ‘take care of it all’ SEO package – EZY-SEO!

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