I’m not much into live theatre, I think it’s the constant dread you’ll get plucked out of the audience and find yourself on stage with your pants around ankles mooing like a sheep, or whatever crazy antics they’ll force you to do.

That said a fabulous time was had by all at the final session of the Summer Theatre (performed by the Outwits) as part of the Christchurch Summertimes festival. It was definitely helped by the ample hamper we didn’t pack (I rushed off at about 6.30 to hunt and gather, as the both of us were getting picnic envy with most groups around us rolling out the freshly cooked chicken and basil pesto with white wine on the side) but after dashing around New World like that woman on the ad, I got the main ingredients for a super picnic – forget the wine, I got a sixpack of Macs Sundance :). Just back in time to catch the start and what a treat for all … and I’m not just talking about the food. The lines were clever, witty and rhymed in most places (so that satisfied my need for rhyming poetry).

Firstly they covered off the major movies at the Oscars from the last 80 years, brilliantly weaved together the huge melting pot of movies that have accumulated over the centuries, with special attention being given to Hitchcock, Star Wars, Gone with the wind (combined with Wizard of Oz to give us the very funny, politically up-to-date Wizard of the Wind – made me realise how much we’re aware of American politics) and of course who could forget Gigantic, I mean Titanic. The iceberg was my fav (even if he is the new guy from Auckland acting school – possibly not true but funny nonetheless) – see below for the clip, sorry it’s a little fuzzy at the start but it does clear up (my camera has trouble focusing in low light, bit like me first thing in the morning 🙂

Overall, a great show – if it hadn’t been the last one we would be going back for sure. Great to see a big turnout for their last performance and even Mr Hadlow was there (Events Manager for the CCC). The lads kept us laughing and picking the movies the whole time, no complaints here, just big ups – and yay my irrational fears of being dragged up on stage happened to a couple of aussies near the front instead.

Perfect ending for Summer Theatre
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