How easy is it to get your favourite pizza via a website?
How easy is it to get your favourite pizza via a website?

I vaguely remember the days of Pizza Hut holding us all to ransom and charging mum and dad $25 for a hawaiin pizza, so unlike a lot of other things the pizza ‘quality of life’ index is been on the up and up, which makes ordering online two large pizzas for $6.90 each an even tastier experience.

Hands up everyone who’s used the online pizza order option from Dominos? As I thought … it hasnt quite taken off as much as grabaseat but it will get there and the process was surprisingly usable.

From choosing your pizza, then your base, toppings (which can be removed or extras added), it was all clearly laid out, possibly a little graphic intensive for me (I could almost smell my CPU burning from all the extra work), then you move on to your sides (it’s easier saying no to a web page than explaining to a real person why you wont be having the ‘compulsory’ garlic bread tonight) then confirm your order, including pickup time. You could even print out a confirmation if you didnt trust the system to pass on your details correctly. Overall a very comprehensive ordering system with good user feedback and didnt leave you wanting for anything. It even automatically included today’s special deal.

I was half expecting that there would be a reality gap between a slick automated ordering system and my local pickup point. But I was pleasantly proved wrong – the pizzas were ready to go within about three minutes of the requested time and I wasnt pressured into paying twice – impressive. I was on my bike with my precious cargo of Mr Wedge and Bacon Cheeseburger, heading home and hoping I wouldnt be attacked by a gang of seagull bullys.

The only downside seemed to be that the large pizzas looked smaller than I remembered … or was it just my gnawing hunger making my eyes bigger? Maybe next time I’ll push the order system a bit harder and build a custom pizza.

The online pizza experience
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