Some little known research has shed some interesting light on how people hold their coffee cup and personality profiling. You’ll never look at it the same way after you read this.

Possibly in the same way that we all become self-conscious about folding our arms when in conversation or crossing our legs when we learnt about the complexities of body language, this research is enough to make everyone think twice about how they hold that cup of coffee.

The three types of coffee cup holders

Does how you hold your coffee cup tell something about your personality?

  1. Holding it with both hands – You know the sort, sipping slowly like it was a vital lifeline. These people are shy, reserved and have a preciously small comfort zone. They dont like to be disturbed and will retreat to their cave when threatened.
  2. Hold the handle with one hand – Convention sorts who do things by the book – the handle’s there for a reason so use it! They will scoff at people with revolutionary ideas and deliver unhealthy amounts of scepticism to anyone who dares to break with tradition. These people succeed, but usually its in a boring, traditional way such as investing in government bonds.
  3. Hold the cup on the side opposite the handle – Carefree, free spirits who dance with chance every day, throwing the dice at life’s casino as if it really didn’t matter what comes up. These people can expect every day to be different and full of surprises, both good and bad. Unlike the handle-holders, these people will probably get rich in unlikely ways, such as buying an old piece of art from a garage sale, only to be told later its a missing original from Monet’s collection.

Sure this research has no scientific basis but it gets you thinking doesnt it? Go on, try holding your cup a different way and see what happens!

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How you hold your coffee cup tells us something about you
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