Aaron and Manda strike a pose
Aaron and Manda strike a pose

Well its the first week of non-daylight savings and while I am sad to say goodbye to one of the icons of summer I don’t miss those super dark mornings biking to the gym. This morning I actually got to the gym on time and didn’t really feel that tired – its almost like my internal body clock is happier with the later finish coupled with a later start but maybe that’s all in my imagination and next week it will be back to normal. I definitely feel more awake despite a few late nights recently but maybe it’ll catchup with me, after the effects of that bonus hour wear off. I got to thinking that maybe you can change the clocks in your house but you can’t fool your body – it’s still running on last weeks schedule so its going to bed later but getting up at the same time. I’m not really sure but I’m enjoying the brighter mornings – for now.

Had a full workout at the gym and I’m pretty happy with my progress, the calves are still a little sore from last weeks City to Surf but apart from that I’m in good shape. Actually while doing my ab exercises I realised why all those ab gimmicks are so popular – because to do them properly is actually hard work, so us being human will look for the path of least resistance and if it’s good enough for Chuck Norris then it’s good enough for me! I’m a little worried about my left calf muscle, it’s been over a week now so I’m thinking I’ve probably torn something but I’ll bounce back (sorry but I gotta keep playing soccer!).

A very nice weekend all round – a lazy TV-watching, pizza and chips night in on Friday (so indulgent), chores done Saturday arvo including the ol’ dog wash times three, fun ball organised by Tracy & Darrell on Sat night (hi to Abby, Aaron, Manda, Nick & Jo – great to meet you guys, look forward to the next one!), an (late) early morning dog walk along the beach on Sunday, setting up a WP site, soccer and shopping Sun arvo with a movie at the Palms thrown in for good measure (yay I love going on dates).

ps I’m so over the tram works going on in Cashel mall – enough already! Do you know how hard it is trying to mix bike and pedestrians along there?!?

pps Saw the Transformers 2 trailer last night – whoa, so gooooooood, can’t wait for it!

Does daylight savings mess with your head?
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