Well, it’s official. We didn’t learn from last year and so history repeated itself with more aching calf muscles, stretched hammies and bad cases of the stitch as we pushed ourselves to the outer limits of sanity with a 12km run from Cathedral Square to QEII as part of the annual Christchurch Star City to Surf.

Mayor Bob said a few garbled words at the start (can anyone hear what they’re saying??), hopefully it was motivating whatever it was and not exclamations of glee and taunts of ridicule to all those stupid enough to put themselves through voluntary pain. Everyone counted down, like something special was going to happen but it turns out we just ran, that’s it. The hooter went off (a team effort) and we all stampeded down Worcester St like the angry bulls of Pamplona, like a confused flash mob dispersing in the same direction.

I ran the first 6km with Errol and Crystal. Kiau was meant to be part of our posse but his programming is such that once the race starts it’s every man for himself and it’s a sprint to the finish. We ducked, dived and weaved for the first few km, hopping on and off curbs and hoping a parked car wouldn’t just appear like they do – I tell ya this is the most dangerous part of the run.

The day was shaping up to be a stunner and I was glad daylight savings had been delayed a week otherwise it wouldve been that much hotter. I immediately regretted wearing a larger t-shirt as it kept slipping down and the straps on my camelbak started chaffing. We kept a steady pace, and got to the first drinks station at Avonside Girls  but didnt stop. Porrit park was our first goal and we got there in a slowish 40 minutes. The water was put to good use. I let Errol try and reel Kiau in while I waited for Crystal who had slipped behind. She decided to walk the rest so I made a snap decision to keep running and try and reel Errol in. No such luck.

I was passing heaps, picking up the pace, reinvigorated after my short 5 minute stop. I was disappointed getting to the 3km left marker – I was sure it should’ve been the 2km. My calves were really starting to burn by now and I was very tempted to stop and walk – it’s hard when you dont have a running buddy. But I soldiered on and got to the QEII stadium, hurting like nothing else but stoked to have kept going; I pretty much sprinted the last 50m to collect my certificate and some water bottles; hey I’d earnt it! My final time 1hr 6min. Errols was 1hr 4min so I was pretty close to catching him. Kiau came in with 1hr 2min, not bad for a first time.

I spent the next hour or so enjoying the feeling of tight calves and resting up, glad it was done and over with. Enjoyed a nice BBQ lunch put on by the CCC tent and headed home all the while massaging that lactic acid and hoping my legs wouldn’t cease up. Headed over to soccer later, surprised I did but maybe I shouldnt have – I’m super stiff now. I think I might give the gym a miss tomorrow morning!

So what was your experience like? Post your time here…

City to Surf – Christchurch crazies get the runs
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2 thoughts on “City to Surf – Christchurch crazies get the runs

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  • Thu, 10 Sep, 09 at 9:01 pm

    Hi Ya,

    I’ve just read your blog, good stuff! this is a cool wee website, good on ya!

    I think the 2009 city to surf wouldve been my 6th one roughly. My time was 48min 30 secs according to their clock but i think that their clock was a little out maybe up to 5mins out as i think i got more like 52mins

    Loved it, ready for it again next year

    Cheers for the good read,


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