Are 3D movies making a comeback?

Last Wednesday night, tripped along to the Palms to check out the new (but old) 3D experience at Readings at the Palms. 3D films have been around for a long time and I guess when I think 3D I always think of the cool kids in the fifties who wore those fancy disposable glasses. But its back and apparently new and improved. I’m a big U2 fan so any excuse to see them again suits me fine (I already have the Vertigo DVD and all their albums). RT had given the movie a great review too so all signs pointed to yes, go!

Of course, a trip to the Palms is not really complete without a visit to the good guys at Coyotes so stopped in for a beef burger, which was fantastic, plus a little in-house entertainment at the same time with a Greek wedding going on in the background and a group of girl twins.

No doubt about it, U2 were great and they played a great set (chopped from about seven different concerts), you really felt you were there and it all combined to give you a ‘better than front row’ seat. It just didn’t feel right sitting down watching this – they should open up the front of the cinema so you can mosh around to the music.

As for the 3D side of things, it worked really well – I just wish they’d made more use of the 3D technology to improve the viewer experience. I almost feel that the short trailers at the start advertising Ice Age 3 and Monsters vs Aliens packed more 3D fun in five minutes than the entire U2 movie. There were a couple of moments, like when they played the Fly, that the 3D came into its own.

Overall a fun time and amping for U2 fans. However, unlike the 1950s, you don’t get to keep your 3D specs, they all have built-in security tags to prevent you making a runner with them. The $2 hire seems like a nice money spinner but I guess they probably needed to make up for the thinned out audience. It will be interesting to see if 3D movies make a comeback – I guess time will tell as more 3D movies have been advertised as coming soon, bring it on – I love a gimmick.

Readings at the Palms brings you U2 in 3D
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