New Brighton surf improving?

New Brighton surf improving?

Our dogs love getting down to the beach almost as much as I do, and so now with longer evenings (yay) I’ve been walking them along the New Brighton dunes while keeping a close eye on the surf. And I’m coming to the conclusion that the surf definitely seems to have a better form and is more consistent than it has been in previous years in Christchurch.

I could just be hallucinating or possibly just seeing it at the right time (even the world’s best breaks have off days – I know that for a fact having spent almost a week in LA and not seeing one good day of surf!) but I have a good feeling about this and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come with the summer this year. We’ve been told that we will be getting La Nina visiting this year, resulting in a less-than-spectacular summer but some great surf would make up for that (mostly!).

The last few days I’ve even seen higher than usual numbers of surfers out, and you know it has to be good to get people out when the water is still a frigid 10 degrees, so that’s proof enough for me. We’ve had good winds, either a nice offshore or light winds keeping the waves glassy and very ridable. I actually got out there with a mate just yesterday, and the water is actually not too bad – still refreshing but I was able to leave the hoodie at home, unusual for this early in Spring.

I don’t know if my hypothesis has any basis in scientific fact, I can only speak from my experience but I know the city council has been busy on the Ocean Outfall project, dredging up the beach about 800m down the beach – whether this is ‘improving’ the sand banks or not I don’t know. I can only hope something good will come of that. Time will either back me up on this … or prove me a big fat liar!

Is the surf at South New Brighton getting better?
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