It’s common knowledge here in New Zealand (and a surprisingly large number of people overseas) that Christchurch is in the process of recovering from the devastating earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011. That means a massive influx of construction workers and huge boost to local tradesman, who are capitalising on the boom. While it didn’t start quite as quickly as some anticipated (with a lot of rebuilding bogged down in insurance paperwork and nervous investors) it is starting to finally happen.

So how can tradesman make sure they are maximising their advertising opportunities? How can they take advantage of this unique time to build their business and their brand, and stick around for the long term? There are a few steps involved and, because you’re a busy tradesman you’ll probably say you’re too busy, but it will take less time and less dollars than you think.

Step 1 – Get a website

This is the really easy part – email us at and tell us you want an affordable website. Aside from telling us what your website name to be (e.g. there’s not much else to it. Of course, if you have a logo, some text for your homepage, maybe some photos of your business or links to websites you like send them through. But to get started all we need is the website name and a deposit and we can take care of the rest.

With complete website packages starting from under $300 including hosting and email services (with no ongoing charges, aside from minimal hosting fees after the first year) it will be the easiest investment in your business you’ll ever make.

We can have your website up and running within five working days of receiving your deposit – once it’s setup then it’s over to you to start spreading the word!

Step 2 – Promote your website

There are literally hundreds of different ways you can promote your website – bumper stickers, car signage, lawn signs, letterhead, business cards, email signatures, corporate gifts, classified ads, personalised plates, forum signatures, Facebook, Twitter, company uniforms, directory listings, adding it to your logo or even changing your business name (Joe’s Building becomes All it takes is a little imagination and making sure that whenever, or wherever, your business is seen, your website name is seen as well.

The other way to promote your website, aside from publicising it, is to give people an incentive to visit it. Run a competition where people enter online, offer free quotes, a free download of a useful resource (such as a guide for first-time home builders) or a discount available only from your website (e.g. customers have to quote a secret code word or for users of our online store website you can accept voucher codes for people buying direct from your website).

Lastly, there is paid advertising, in particular Google AdWords where you can have your ads show when people search for a related product or service. Not only are these ads very measurable so you know how effective your advertising dollar is, but you can also target them very tightly, choosing who to show the ads to (only display to people in Christchurch, New Zealand and for selected keyword phrases e.g. earthquake builders). Talk to us as we can help take care of this for you. AdWords provide you with an effective method of hitting the front page of Google for relevant keywords without needing to wait the months it can take to work your way through the natural organic search rankings.

So two steps and less than $300 – now tradies in Christchurch have no excuse for driving around in a van without a website or professional email address. Get in touch today and join our growing list of happy customers!

Christchurch tradies need an affordable website

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