After you’ve registered your domain name with Crazy Domains, you’ll need to ‘point’ it to our hosting service so we can start building your website. To do this we suggest you add us as the technical contact to your domain (you can change this at anytime and you still retain full control). Then let us know and we can update the DNS settings as needed to make your website work.

1 – Log in to your Crazy Domains account

2 – Click Domains > Manage, then click the domain name you want to update

3 – Scroll down to Administration and hover over Tech Contact, then click Assign New

4 – Make sure it is set to Existing Customer, select Username and then enter pogostick. Click Assign New ID. Let us know when you’ve done this.

If you get stuck you can contact Crazy Domains support team ( or get in touch with us.

Do I need to renew domain privacy?

Some registrars (like Crazy Domains) include free domain privacy for seven days. It’s a way for them to sell you domain privacy by telling you the free version is expiring to get you to panic into buying it. If you are concerned about domain privacy we suggest you just update your address details on the domain to something more vague.

Is Crazy Domains the cheapest?

No, there are cheaper domain registrars for domains including Domains Direct (they don’t do .com) and Only Domains, so if you want to save a few dollars then why not transfer (and we’re all about saving money!)? It’s free to transfer and it shouldn’t cause any disruption to your website or email.

How do I update my domain DNS settings?
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