If you’ve registered your domain name with another registrar (compare our domain registration and renewal fees) and you want us to host your site, then you’ll need to ‘point’ it to our hosting service so we can start building your new website.

Please note that when we refer to email below we are talking about email addresses on your domain name e.g. [email protected]

If you’re not sure how to do this, please contact your domain registrar for assistance (they are in the best position to help) or you can transfer your domain to us and we’ll look after everything.

I want my website and email hosted with PogoStick

Log in to your domain registrar and change the domain DNS to what’s shown below:


I only want my website hosted with PogoStick

This option is when you already have your email setup somewhere else (e.g. Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook 365 etc.).

Update your domain’s A record to It may be just the non-www version of your domain, or it could be both the www and non-www if there is no CNAME record for the www).

After you have updated your domain settings, please let us know so we can start setting up your new website hosting.

How to change your DNS domain settings (for 1st Domains customers)

If your domain is currently with 1st Domains see below for the screenshots of updating your domain’s DNS settings to point to our hosting (you may also be interested in transferring your domain to us; we’re cheaper and it’s free, learn more here!).

Step 1 – Login to your 1st Domains account, go to your domains and click on a domain to update it (in the Domain Manager).

Step 2 – Click Configure Name Servers.

Step 3 – Switch off domain parking, if enabled (1), enter our name servers (2) and then click Submit (3).

Step 4 – Confirm the change.

How do I update my domain DNS settings?