Get an extra $10 a week

I usually try to keep up with the news but I only just found out about the tax credit that some taxpayers will be eligible for from April 1, 2009. I found details on the IRD’s website to clarify the details of this tax credit. Seems like you can wait to claim it at the end of the year or you can get it now, but you need to change your tax code.

Blog name change

Just a quick post to announce that I’ve just this very minute, renamed my blog to ‘Christchurch NZ – News, Reviews & Muse’ as I feel this more accurately reflects what I usually end up blogging about. This is not to say I no longer have an interest in web development or online marketing (or even pogosticks for that matter) but this blog is more about me and what I do and see in the great garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

U2 No Line On The Horizon Review

Ok so while at work this afternoon I got acquainted with the latest piece of work from Bono and the boys, U2’s latest album No Line On The Horizon, which I’m sure is hugely symbolic for something but I haven’t quite figured out what. Maybe Bono has been asked about retirement and this is his way of saying ‘no comment’.

2009 Ellerslie Flower Show Christchurch

Well after all the shouting, crying and whining was over (by city councillors mostly) the Ellerslie Flower Show arrived for its inaugural splash in the city of Christchurch (please somebody remove Ellerslie from the name! I don’t want to think I’ve somehow been portalled to Auckland!). Ok so I made up the word ‘portalled’ but I like it …