In a statement released today to members, Mintshot has decided to shutdown and will close its doors on March 31, 2009.

They cited the current economic recession as the reason behind the decision to ‘take a break while we check out new opportunities and look to refine the Mintshot model’.

In the 15 months Mintshot has operated they claim to have given away 3.2 million in prizes (hmmm sorry but I didnt get a cent so I can’t confirm or deny they gave anything away!) and are promising to clean out the prize cupboards before they shut shop.

Mintshot founder and poster boy, Marc Ellis, is probably not spending too much time crying over the closure, kept busy with recent TV engagements, resurrecting the much-loved ‘Top Town’ series (please can you just let it rest in peace!) and his affable charm will most likely see him fully employed for some time to come. Besides he most likely made some good pingas from Mintshot, in fact conspiracy theorists are claiming it’s a ploy to avoid redeeming member points by only giving them 14 days notice of the closure.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, is it just me or is this recession business just a fantastic cover for big business to cut staff, cut corners, put up prices and not pay their debts – oh just blame it all on the recession, way toooooo convenient.

Mintshot calls it a day – credit crunch hits home
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