Ok so while at work this afternoon I got acquainted with the latest piece of work from Bono and the boys, U2’s latest album No Line On The Horizon, which I’m sure is hugely symbolic for something but I haven’t quite figured out what. Maybe Bono has been asked about retirement and this is his way of saying ‘no comment’.

They’ve had some bad feedback about the album and I tried not to let it colour my view of what I heard but I just got the feeling, while it’s a quality album, there’s almost a little apathy creeping in, a bit of ‘hey were so stupidly rich now, and getting old, and too busy protesting against the G7’ to care about making the soulful music that characterised the likes of Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby (which by the way is my definite favourite).

No Line On The Horizon - Are U2 getting apathetic in their old age?

Get on your boots is a sad excuse for radio fodder, and a couple of other songs felt like they were just album fillers. White as Snow was a nice melody, almost thoughtful. Overall definitely three stars but sorry a little disappointing. Maybe I just expect too much from these guys. Now I have to get my boots on and go home – I have less than 30 minutes to get home and get the timer on for Black Books!

No Line On The Horizon, the new studio album from U2, will be released on Tues, March 3, 2009. The band’s 12th studio album calls on the production talents of long-time collaborators Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, with additional production by Steve Lillywhite. The album will be available in 5 different packages.

U2 No Line On The Horizon Review
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