A couple of weeks back I did some work for encode.net.nz, a local web dev business, who along with a lot of other enthusiasts are not exactly pro Microsoft. I was starting to come round to their way of thinking, and I had further reminder of it today.

Fixing a problem with the Send To option in Windows XP, which was loading up an Outlook 200o window instead of the recently installed Outlook 2007. This only happens when Outlook 2007 isnt already open.

To fix I tried a few things including:

  • Running the install cleaner from Microsoft
  • Running the Office 2007 repair option
  • Adding a custom Send To command, worked but not an ideal solution
  • Trying to uninstall the Outlook 2000 using Add/Remove Programs
  • Modifying the default programs in IE, as well as using the Control Panel

None of these things worked.

What did work

After trawling the net for what seemed like hours, and trying an endless number of registry tweaks, I thought this is the time for tough love Bill. I restarted the PC, deleted any registry folders for Outlook 11 or below, then deleted the folders under C:\PF\Office. I then ran the Office 2007 repair option in Add/Remove Programs. Yay, finally success.

Removing Outlook 2000 from Windows XP