We’ve talked before about how ChatGPT can help reduce your website costs, making your digital marketing projects more affordable.

You can start with a very affordable website package, and then improve your Google rankings and SEO performance with some cheap tricks using free tools like ChatGPT.

Don’t waste money on SEO

Unfortunately, we hear from a lot of clients how much they’ve spent with SEO agencies and the lack of significant results. This happens a lot because clients often don’t understand how SEO actually works, and they’re easily misled by inaccurate information, many times this coming from the so-called professionals. Yes, they are likely to tell you what you want to hear, but you’ll only be disappointed, and poorer, for the experience.

To avoid wasting money on SEO, we recommend the following SEO tips:

  • Educate yourself using a reliable source – Go straight to an authoritative source of information. An excellent place to start is Google itself, who publish a guide for all website owners on best practices related to SEO.
  • SEO is a long term project – Don’t chase quick gains – a little, done consistently over a long period of time will always work better than one big push followed by nothing.
  • Get specific with your agency – If you do engage an SEO agency, get specific about work will be done, and why, with clear objectives and measurable results. If you’re unsure about anything, get them to explain it in a clear, simple way.
  • SEO is not just one thing – Don’t get sidetracked chasing one thing, such as backlinks or H1 titles. Google uses over 200 different signals to determine a website’s ranking, so make sure your SEO work is balanced and spread across different types of work.
  • Be targetedKnow your niche and laser focus your efforts on just that niche. Your niche can also be limited to a specific geographic location, to make it even more targeted.

How can you use ChatGPT to boost your SEO on the cheap?

In short, you can use to ramp up your article marketing work. Article marketing is one type of SEO work and a way to make your website more relevant in the Google search results (SERPs). By adding text related to the keywords you are focused on, you are more likely to show up in the search results, and climb higher to the top of the page.

A common method of article marketing is blogging, writing blog posts and adding them to your website.

In the past, a lot of website owners just couldn’t find the time or motivation to write blog posts but with ChatGPT this is changing. How can you use ChatGPT to write blog posts? Here are five tips on using ChatGPT to write a blog post.

5 Tips on using ChatGPT to write Blog Posts

1 – Understand your audience: Before starting to write, consider who your target audience is. Are they beginners or experts in the topic? What are their interests and knowledge level? Knowing your audience will help you tailor your writing style, tone, and level of complexity accordingly.

2 – Provide clear instructions: When interacting with ChatGPT, be specific and provide clear instructions to guide its responses. For example, you can ask for an outline of your blog post, specific points to include, or even ask for a paragraph on a particular topic. Clear instructions will help you generate more focused and relevant content.

3 – Edit and refine: While ChatGPT can provide valuable content, it’s important to remember that it’s an AI model and may generate responses that require further editing and refinement. Review the generated content, ensure it aligns with your blog’s style and tone, and make necessary edits to improve clarity and coherence.

4 – Fact-check and verify information: While ChatGPT has access to a vast amount of information, it’s crucial to fact-check and verify the information it generates. Rely on trusted sources, corroborate facts, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information before publishing it in your blog post.

5 – Inject your own voice: ChatGPT can assist you in generating content, but it’s essential to inject your own voice and expertise into the writing. Use ChatGPT as a tool to enhance your ideas, but make sure to personalise the content with your unique insights, examples, and anecdotes. This will help establish your authority and build a connection with your readers. Also, be sure to add relevant links to other pages on your website to improve the internal linking.

Make sure to read it through, and maybe get someone else to read it to check it’s relevant to your audience, to your business and tightly related to your focus keywords.

Ready to get started with ChatGPT blogging?

ChatGPT is a free AI tool that can generate a blog post in seconds. You can register and login here, and start creating some content!

Once you’ve finished creating your blog post, it’s time to add it to your website. Fortunately, with our affordable WordPress websites (including our e-commerce websites) they have a blog option built-in. Simply, go to the Posts menu and click Add New, and then Publish. After publishing, make sure you promote it through your social media channels.

If you need any help, setting up your website for blogging, just get in touch.

Affordable SEO with ChatGPT – Writing effective Blog Posts
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