google-campus-gingerbread-manSo everyone knows that our lives are slowly being taken over by the online behemoth known as Google, or the big G, or Papa G or even Topeka (if you believe the rumours). Google is ubiquitous, touching just about everyone at some level, some more than others. My work in online marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media consulting means I probably have more to do with Google than the average chumba wumba so you’d expect I know what Papa G is up to, but you might not have had the luxury of following Google’s every move.

So, what to do? Stressed you’ve been left behind as the Google juggernaut marches on?

Well, don’t pet the sweaty things because the good people on the official Google Blog have condensed the year into a single post of 2010 highlights. Find out the highs and lows of the biggest search engine (and the rest) company in the universe, unless of course Mars is running a massive search engine for all the lifeforms Rover didn’t find.

So head over to the Google 2010 review and update your mind space with all the Google news of the failed Google Wave (boo), Google Chrome operating system, the new Caffeine indexing software and of course Gingerbread (yep that’s what it’s called – if you know what Android is then this will make more sense).

Read the Google 2010 wrap-up

What’s up with Google? 10 things you missed in 2010
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