I know this breaks all the rules of writing but I’m (ever so briefly) just going off topic to say I know it’s been a long time between blog posts.

It’s not that I don’t love my blog anymore or that I’m ignoring my many, many readers who hang on my every word*. It’s just I’ve been busy, real busy, building websites (I haven’t even had time to update my portfolio) and copywriting all over the show. I guess it might have something to do with the fact that I don’t get paid to blog here, it’s purely for amusement (like watching Dai Henwood trying to reach the top shelf) so the sad reality is that it means it slips down the priority queue (waaaaaaay down).

But I’ve had an attack of the guilts and now that I’ve confessed to the world I’ll make amends by doing a blog post for you all. Right now. Right here. Are you as excited as I am? Quite likely.

In between throwing websites together (with lots of care and attention in case any of my clients are reading this) summer arrived in Christchurch and that always demands my attention. I have no choice. I have to follow the sun and that usually means going outside. Or down to the beach. Or maybe even Nelson.

Yep never a dull moment in the adventure I call my life, so much going on, but yes sorry I will get to the point of this post, right after I mention a few things I’ve been doing since we last talked, like learning to ripstick, watching other people ripstick, invading marcus lush’s privacy, running up Nelson steps, mingling with large groups, camping with friends, sorting out earthquake damage and getting harassed by buskers (or watching CCC senior management getting a lap dance).

Cut to the chase

So anyhoo, I’m not going to pretend that I was the first to discover this and by the number of people there I obviously wasn’t. It’s the Lyttelton Farmers Market or LFM (and no Crystal I did not make that up), held every Saturday morning (starting ridiculously early) at the Lyttelton Main School, and wrapping up about 1pm.

It’s a deliciously eclectic mix of stallholders and shoppers with just the right blend of beats (from Volcano Radio 88.5FM) and some tempting home brews (the Dunkel was my favourite).

We had the opportunity to compare markets because we were in Nelson the other weekend. Both are great markets but in our opinion LFM felt more like it was for locals whereas the Nelson market seemed to be pitching to tourists. However I have to admit they were selling some amazing peppercorn steak sauce, smuggled that home just quietly.

The LFM had a really relaxed feel to it, bumped into Matt Barus and had a chat about nothing in particular (its not stalking when you go and talk to them right?). He was way cool and pretty much summed up the vibe of the place. We milled around a little longer, soaking up the atmos, then headed back to the car with our Cassels beers, collected fish and chips from that award-winning chip shop (ok so it was two years ago but they’re still darn good) and headed up to the lookout to well, look … out. Perfect wrap-up to the Lyttelton Farmers Market and no doubt we’ll be back, at least to collect the $2 on our empty beer bottles.

*Possibly not true but I can’t confirm – feel free to comment on that below.

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