Business owners in Christchurch have a lot of web designers to choose from, including us with what we believe is the cheapest and quickest web design service in Christchurch.

With a fully customised business website delivered in around five working days, it’s a great option that’s been available to Christchurch businesses, covering everywhere in Canterbury from Rangiora to Rolleston, New Brighton to Avonhead.

What’s our Web Design process?

Because we’re building websites all the time we’re familiar with current trends and styles, what works and what doesn’t. We’re also up with Google’s best practices for web design including responsive design (mobile friendly), speed optimisation and structured formatting.

We like to see websites that are clean, uncluttered and highly functional. Websites that make it easy for visitors to get the answers they’re looking for, or accomplish a task, such as buying something, rather than entertaining them with fancy distractions and flowery animation.

That said we like to let our clients set the tone and take the lead when it comes to the look and feel of their site. On the other hand, some clients are happy to leave us to do the design based on the content (text and photos) they want on the site, leaving us to tap into our years of web design and development experience.

We generally get an indication of the colours, fonts and styles from the client’s logo (also optional).

Alternatively, a client may send us a link to an existing website they like, giving us some clues about the style they’re aiming for. While a $299 website is incredibly cheap many clients are often pleasantly surprised by just how much website you can get for a very affordable price, as one client relates:

“PogoStick is and continues to be amazing. They have created a Website well beyond what I could of hoped for. If you are after a website getting PogoStick to do it for you will be the best investment you can make for your business, and it comes at a price that is unbeatable, and don’t let the low price put you in any doubt, you get a website that others would charge you five figures for. Their service and what they produce is nothing short of stunning.”

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After building the website, the client gets an opportunity to review the site and make any final tweaks. Most requested changes can be included as part of the $299 package, however significant rework may incur additional charges.

When the client is happy with the website, it’s ready to be launched.

What about WordPress templates?

For clients familiar with WordPress they may ask to see a selection of templates they can choose from. WordPress has a massive range of both free and premium templates (called themes) that are available to install.

Browse popular WordPress premium themes

Browsing theme libraries can sometimes be exciting as the demo sites (particularly with premium themes) can look amazing but personally we prefer to build from more of a blank canvas and customise according to the needs of the client.

In our experience, the flashier it looks in the demo the more work it is to customise, the worse it performs (speed, usability etc.) and the more it costs (both in paying for the theme and the extra work needed to personalise it).

So while you’re free to browse theme directories to get inspiration, we generally don’t have a list of specific themes we promote or recommend.

What if I need to redesign my existing website?

It’s a good idea to think about refreshing your website design every few years, particularly since some styles can become quite outdated or incompatible with modern design standards (such as being able to resize to smaller screens and mobile devices).

We normally follow the same process as we do for the initial website design – listen to what the client is wanting to achieve, review other sites they like, and then suggest changes that meet those needs.

A redesign can be costly (depending on the size of the site) as the new design will need to work with all the existing content, which can be a time-consuming process – checking all pages and tweaking the design styles where needed.

In some cases, we will recommend a site switch to WordPress, if they aren’t already, for ease of future maintenance, upgrades and redesigns.

During a redesign, we will review other aspects of the existing website including security, speed and functionality.

If you’d like to get an estimate for redesigning your current website, just get in touch.

No matter where you live in Christchurch, or the rest of New Zealand for that matter – as far north as Auckland and beyond, contact us about affordable website design.

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