You’ve got a website – or you’re planning on getting one – and you know you need hosting, the service that puts your website on the internet.

So, what’s the best value for money hosting plan around?

Don’t just choose the cheapest – Of course, we all want the cheapest hosting service (because we all love a bargain) but judging on price alone can be a false economy. We’ve all had the experience of buying cheap and regretting it.

Trust us, there are a lot of very cheap hosts out there that will definitely give you a massive amount of grief – you’ll definitely wish you had spent a few more dollars and gone with something that speaks your language, is trusted by other local businesses and been reliable over the years.

Beware of tricky pricing tactics – A lot of hosts try to reel in customers by using deceptive pricing. They’ll advertise an incredibly low price but when you look into it there are a few nasty hooks. Like it’s just a super special introductory price and you’re locked into a 10-year contract at the regular price after that. Or there are extra costs for moving your website to, or from, the service. Or tax isn’t included. Or you have to pay extra for email accounts. Or it’s in US dollars.

What sort of support is offered? – A lot of hosting companies (both NZ and international) have moved their support to offshore call centres. This saves them a lot of money but can leave english-speaking kiwi business owners frustrated. Even if the response is quick, the total lack of comprehension of your question might mean it can be days before your original issue is resolved (if you haven’t given up in the meantime).

Even with your pre-sale questions you need a business that really understands what it is you’re asking (especially when you don’t know the technical jargon to explain what you want).

How do you know if a hosting company offers technical support from real kiwis based right here in New Zealand? They will advertise it – a lot! It’s expensive to offer so they’ll make sure you know it’s NZ-based support. Don’t be fooled by a local phone number either – it just gets redirected to the Philippines or India.

Response times – It’s also worth asking about response times; hosting companies should offer at least a 24-hour turnaround. Check their Facebook page – if there are messages or posts from grumpy customers it’s possible support is very slow or poor quality.

Are they giving you cPanel access? – If a business offers you cheap hosting but no cPanel access then it’s possible you may ended up on a crowded shared hosting plan. It can work short term but it’s risky. Resources are stretched and it doesn’t take much to push it over the edge, resulting in all websites on the plan going down. It also means if one website is compromised, then all other sites are affected too. For better peace of mind and reliability make sure your site is hosted on its own account, which is what we can provide with our hosting plans.

Comparing NZ Hosting Providers

We’ve taken a random sample of different companies that advertise hosting to NZ businesses, listing what we believe are important factors when it comes to hosting. We haven’t included disk space and bandwidth numbers as all the plans we’ve listed have more than enough of both to accommodate just about any small to medium business website. Neither have we mentioned where the servers are based as it’s widely accepted that NZ-based servers don’t really help – they’re just more expensive. There are plenty of other, more important, things you can do to speed up your site.

Where possible we’ve selected the company’s WordPress plan for comparison with our hosting, because we’ve fine-tuned our hosting plans for this popular website software.

We’ve done our best to make sure all details were correct at the time of publishing but it is a guide only (scroll sideways if you can’t see the whole table).

PogoStick Web Crazy Domains Discount Domains Domains 4 Less Webslice Free parking Go Daddy Voyager Hoopla
$NZ/month $7.90 $11.50 $9.50 $16.50 $9.25 $20.25 $12.99 $17.20 $14.95
cPanel * * Unsure *
Simple pricing
NZ help Unsure
Free work

*It’s not cPanel but an admin tool that is similar. Some hosting companies are switching to alternatives such as DirectAdmin or Plesk in the wake of massive price hikes by the company that owns cPanel. Our cPanel access is offered to Premium customers.

Ready to switch hosting companies?

If you think it’s about time to moved to a different, better, cheaper hosting company then now’s good. We are currently running a special offer that includes free transfer of your existing website – it’s all part of our aim to help NZ businesses save on their website and hosting costs. Contact us today for details!

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