top-ten-reasons-to-stay-in-christchurchThe latest discussion happening in quake-ravaged (ravaged! sounds like Godzilla’s been here…) Christchurch are the ten reasons to stay in Christchurch. It’s fair to say most of us have had plenty of reasons to leave over the last 9 months but like we did with homemade toilets and ‘you know you’re from Christchurch when’ series, this is the next big thing to take our minds off our wobbles and turn that frown upside down.

We’ve had friends leave town but we’ve stopped taking it personally. We know that everyone has their own reasons for staying or going, different circumstances or situations. We’ve had some friends go, some even left for Canada but we can’t blame them – not only do you escape the shakes but you get two summers in a row, nice! It can be tough, particularly when another aftershock hits, on some idle Tuesday afternoon, just when your nerves were settling down. Your first thought is probably ‘stuff it I’m outta here (or hair if it’s been extra stressful)’ but before long normality sets in and life goes on (because the alternative is not an option).

Top Ten Reasons to Stay in Christchurch (according to

  1. You’re never caught short in Christchurch
  2. There’s always a job to be done
  3. Your 4WD can finally be put to good use
  4. Fluro is now an acceptable dress code
  5. It’s still better than Wellington
  6. If you’re a kid, you get a lot of days off
  7. It’s still flat – if a bit bumpy – so you can ride your bike everywhere
  8. There’s no parking wardens in Christchurch
  9. The Wizard lives in Christchurch – and he’s not going anywhere
  10. There’s always someone to help you out

What did you think of the top ten reasons to stay list on Stuff? Does it reflect your sentiments? Personally I thought it was a bit lame, I mean who are these women who get turned on by fluro? Everyone knows the wizard lives in Oamaru, and I don’t actually believe it’s a better city than Wellington. And while I like the fact that they are not issuing parking tickets, it should be extended to all sorts of other infringements (blame it on quake brain). So there are some glaring gaps (like the roads around New Brighton) in the list but the idea is noble so let’s help it out by starting our own list. The comments section on the article provided a few winners including this one: No need to hire a bouncy castle for birthday parties. (RaisedByCats). Great, how about a few more…

So why do you think Christchurch people should stay in Christchurch? Are there reasons to stick around? What’s keeping you here? Friends, family, a job, a unsaleable house with a tonne of equity? Add yours in the comments section below and share the fun. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll turn it into a book?

Ten Reasons to stay in Christchurch