How to get free tickets to U2It feels like we’ve gone full circle. From the media frenzy that talked about fans queuing for hours and missing out in the online stampede to the announcement of a second concert easing concerns for fans who were contemplating paying scalper-inflated prices. Which is great news for you if you’d been thinking of going but hadn’t quite got round to buying your tickets. And now there’s more good news – free tickets are now available!

Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s one thing about U2 that is undisputed – they are simply one of the biggest rock bands of all time. And with that it has almost become a rite of passage to go to at least one of their concerts. And as these guys get older (the Edge is almost 50) who knows when it’ll be their last gig.

I almost got to their last concert in 2006 when they played in Melbourne around the time of the last Commonwealth Games. Unfortunately the Edge’s daughter was sick and they postponed, which meant I missed out seeing the Vertigo tour but I’m sorted for this one (even managed to figure out a way to get to Auckland from Christchurch without having to sell the family jewels – it’s a complicated journey that goes via Napier). I’m just hoping it’s as good or better than Vertigo because there is talk in some circles they have gone downhill in recent years.

So back to the point of this post – free tickets to U2. How can you score one? Actually it’s incredibly easy. Just order a new website package from PogoStick Web Services before November 10, 2010 and it’s yours.

Of course you’ll have to arrange your own transport to Mt Smart Stadium for the concert happening on Friday night, November 26, but ticket-holders actually get free public transport around Auckland so that might help a little. Of course, getting to Auckland might be a different story. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of fans cutting all sorts of complicated journeys to get from Waikikamookow to Mt Smart Stadium but it’s all worth it in the end to hear Bono and the boys blasting out Beautiful Day or Vertigo. Good times.

Even if you have no way to get there or even (shock!) are not into U2 then you can always sell it on Trade Me and turn that cash into a couple of tickets to see Gary McCormick, or Suzanne Paul even. The choice is yours, trust me we don’t mind what you do with the ticket but order a website and it’s yours. But you better be in quick, because there are limited quantities of tickets available.

If you do miss out because you didn’t get your skates on fast enough, there’s a brilliant consolation offer – a great value website package for just $299. That’s cheap, “with or without” a ticket. Pun intended. See you there!

So what’s your U2 story? Going, not going?

How to get free tickets to see U2 in November