A POP email account has some limitations – you download them to a device, remove them from the email server and you won’t be able to see them on another computer or mobile device. This isn’t ideal if you switch between computers or like to check your email on the go.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution – add it as an account to Gmail.* This means you’ll be able to send and receive from within Gmail – anywhere, on any device or computer.

What you’ll need

  • A Gmail account (you can create one for free at www.gmail.com)
  • A POP email account – username (e.g. name@example.co.nz), password and mail server address (e.g. mail.example.co.nz) – if you don’t have these contact us to supply them.
  • You don’t need to have an SSL certificate on your website domain but it is recommended.

Tip: If we’ve just updated your domain settings to point to our hosting and email services, it is best to allow 48 hours for full domain propagation before setting up your email in Gmail.

More than one email account? No problem, just repeat the instructions below to add multiple custom emails (this is when labels really come in handy!).

If you have any problems, double check you are entering everything exactly as you received it, and that you have allowed at least 48 hours since we updated your domain details before following these instructions.

*These instructions apply to Gmail but in principle this should apply to other free email services like Hotmail and Yahoo.

How do I add a POP email account to Gmail?
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