If there’s one thing about Danboard, aside from his mysterious way with the ladies, it’s that he loves to travel! And I know what you’re thinking, that it’s easy for Danboard to travel because he’s only a cardboard toy that could probably sneak on to any flight he likes for free.

But that’s not true.

In fact, Danboard faces the exact same challenges that you and I have to deal with when it comes to doing that magical OE.

After you read Danboard’s story I’m sure you’ll appreciate it’s not all cuddles from the ladies when you’re an international, yet fully recyclable, man of mystery – there are hurdles to, well, hurdle. You might even feel inclined to help Danboard out by sharing his story with your friends, and your friend’s friends, and maybe your grandmother, which is really easy when she’s on Twitter.

Danboard dreams big

Everyone said he couldn’t do it but he was a willful little fella and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He planned to set out and visit Europe, travel around like a real human, and then jump on a plane to New York to eat bagels and maybe, if he was lucky, get mugged. He was then scheming to slip down South to Mexico and find a white sandy beach where he could chill with some amigos and ride the waves.

He dreamed a lot. Even while grating cheese. He would browse the interweb on his oversized Kindle™ dreaming of amazing faraway locations where he could meet interesting people and take lots of photos.

But he had a few things he needed to sort out to make it happen. The house, his job, and his cute furry friends – who would look after them?

The house

Danboard lives in a house near the beach. He lives there with Mrs Danboard and a couple of dogs. It’s a lovely house that Danboard keeps in tip-top condition and he was super keen to find someone who would take just as much care of it while they would be away. He read in the paper that rental demand was high and, because workers were coming to his city to fix up the cracks, he was feeling good that they would find the right people.

But it’s only a few month away now and Danboard is getting worried because they haven’t found someone yet – can you help him? Or maybe take his car?

The cute furry friends

In this house live a couple of Hairy Maclaries from Donaldson’s Dairy. They’re cute and huggable but don’t like planes or flying so aren’t going with Danboard overseas. One of these wuppies is actually completely blind so it’s important for him to stay where he feels secure and comfortable – that means staying at home. But Danboard knows that the right person to look after the house will also love dogs and will make sure they don’t miss Danboard and Mrs Danboard too much. Danboard will make sure this person is duly rewarded for their help.

If you know someone who loves dogs as much as Danboard then let him know!

Danboard’s job

I know you think Danboard spends his time cruising the streets in his rag top, hanging out with beautiful people and signing autographs. But he actually has a real job. A real job where he sits at a desk and clicks a mouse all day. It’s specialised stuff and not just anyone can do it, which is why he needs a replacement. Well not a complete replacement, maybe more a partial fill-in, just enough so the big company Danboard works for doesn’t go bankrupt and have to fire all Danboard’s workmates. That would make Danboard sad, and big Ted would cry his eyes out like a big sissy – we don’t want that to happen.

So Danboard advertised on writerfind.com. He also asked his friends. He’s still looking so if you know someone who has moves like Danboard and can spare around 20 hours a week then message him, like with your computer or something.

Will Danboard go overseas?

I wish I could say Danboard went overseas and made his dreams come true but we don’t know. Danboard is still working hard to make it all happen. So hard he sweats around the office a lot more these days. Tiny beads of liquified cardboard. If you can help Danboard then you know where to find him. And when you help a Danboard you have a friend for life.

Danboard goes overseas
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