This post has been a long time coming but the trouble with being a recreational blogger is that life doesn’t clear a path for these things. Rather it crowds it out with the thickets of other, seemingly necessary things like a day job, weddings and lying flat with a sore ankle wishing I didn’t like playing soccer so much.

So here I am in the dead of night playing catchup, knowing it will haunt me in the morning, cursing myself for staying waaaaaaaay past bewitching hour but I’m feeling wild and reckless – get me another water and make it a double.

Canterbury Champion Awards 2009

Glamming it up on the red carpet at the Christchurch convention centre
Glamming it up on the red carpet at the Christchurch convention centre

Firstly, I want to make a brief mention of an awards dinner I went to last Thursday night with the Doubledot Media team, nominated as one of the three finalists in the small business global enterprise section (sadly we lost to a business that makes glow-in-the-dark strips for stairways … that makes sense). It was a fashionable affair and the glamorous socialites of the Christchurch business world arrived in their finest threads and with an air of ‘fashion week, what fashion week’. Apparently it is the largest business awards event in the country so we all felt pretty special and the red carpet sure helped. Of course, I lost a few style points due to my less than fashionable moon boot but it got me sympathy votes and the occasional free drink.

Mike Hoskings hosted the evening and seemed pretty apathetic to be honest but no one seemed to mind. He made fun of their double chins and pot bellies and he got ribbed about his birds nest of a hair do. Actually the night seemed pretty civil considering all the politicians in the audience.

Mayor Bob Parker didn’t make an appearance, obviously out somewhere swapping gameshow host tips with Simon Barnett and sent the deputy mayor Norm Withers instead.

The speeches were mercifully short and concise, even pithy which included Jason Gunn and his wife accepting an award for Whitebait TV (judges swayed by personalities? hmm maybe that would work against them).

Dinner was great with every alternate person getting either Chicken or Steak, which was an interesting way to present it. Drinks and dessert also kept the punters happy.

Speaking of happy punters, Jeremy from work was the lucky winner of the Air NZ trip for two to Fiji – I was stoked for him, being a whiz programmer the boy needs to get out and enjoy the sun more often. Congratulations mate!

Broken Ankle (Day 3 – 13)

It looks like an angry swarm of bees attacked it!
It looks like an angry swarm of bees attacked it!

Yep I know it’s been a long break (pun intended) between posts about my ankle. I thought I’d have more time to blog about it but seriously it has been kinda hectic. To cut the story short I went back to the clinic after a week and they removed the cast (how good did that feel, sweet cool relief!) and decided that instead of giving me another cast they would give me a moon boot instead. Now a moon boot is not to be confused with something Napoleon Dynamite would wear when dancing to Jamiroqui but rather it is a medical moon boot is designed to keep your ankle (and surrounding bones and ligaments) secure and not moving around too much. Under the moon boot is a compression sock which is like a tight bandage that holds the ankle securely (and leaves weird ribbed marks on my leg in the morning!).

Moon boots are heavier and more cumbersome than a cast but better because you can take them off when having a shower or at night (well some people may be required to keep them on at night). I still need the crutches so its still not easy getting around, like when I went to a wedding last Saturday and the ceremony was up three flights of stairs! I find myself actually hopping around quite a bit and I really hope I don’t damage my good ankle in the process!

There’s still some discomfort and I can’t put too much weight on it but the doctor reassuringly said to me on the last visit that it and I quote “won’t fall apart” – you can’t help but feel good when your doctor tells you that. It’s still pretty swollen for an injury that is now two weeks old but hopefully healing is on track for the next week or so. I’m keen to be up and moving about normally within max two weeks but maybe I’m just being unrealistic. While it’s a small fracture there’s probably quite a bit of ligament damage as indicated by all the swelling but I’ll get there. I’m probably more worried about when I finally can walk and I’ll go crazy, getting straight back into soccer, surfing and everything else only to do more damage!

It’s been a weird last couple of weeks really. This whole business is brand new to me and there is a slight novelty factor to it. I’ve definitely saved money but not going at all and my guitar hero skills have improved for sure. I think I’ve also developed a bit more empathy for sick people and people with disabilities. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was the ‘blame game’ I played out in my head the other night, trying to pin the injury on someone and since my detailed recollection of the actual event is now a little hazy I don’t know for sure if someone else might have been at fault and I just didn’t realise it, but in reality it doesn’t actually matter. I’ve been enjoying the free trial from Fatso (that came at the right time) and I’m not (yet) sick of everyone wanting to talk to me about it and asking me how I did it (I am so tempted to change my story every time).

One thing I definitely do need to say and I don’t care if it comes across sappy but my wife has been simply amazing this whole time. She has had to take on pretty much all the chores around the house and put up with an invalid, and she hasn’t once complained about it. Instead she goes the extra mile, making my coffee in the morning, driving me around, opening doors for me, bringing drinks, buying me special treats and cooking me delicious dinners. This has been so nice to enjoy that I almost don’t want it to end!

Next time I update hopefully I’ll be walking around like a normal human being – here’s hoping!

Canterbury Champion Awards and Broken Ankle Blog Update