According to information released by Statistics NZ, the number of small businesses (less than 20 employees) in New Zealand make up over a third of all businesses and contributed more than $150b in revenue.

But while they are a key generator of income for this country they lag behind when it comes to getting a website. A study by MYOB indicated that more than half (59%) of SMEs (small / medium enterprises) don’t have a website. It would probably be a fair assumption that if you were to single out just small businesses the percentage would be even higher. This is a serious problem for any business trying to survive in 2019, where the majority of customers expect every business to have some sort of online presence.

And with small business survival rates low (especially in the first year) it’s critical that business owners take the time to analyse why they don’t have a website, and how to remedy the situation to help improve their odds of being successful.

So, why do small businesses struggle with getting a website? Here are our top five reasons.

1 – Fear of the unknown

Website design, or development, can seem like a foreign concept, which is fair enough. As a small business owner you generally have your hands full with your business – you don’t have time to become a website specialist. So you rely on a quick google search – unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous businesses waiting to prey on small business owners who only know enough to get themselves into trouble and end up getting conned out of a lot of money, who promise fast and unrealistic results.

It’s no wonder business owners hear these sorts of horror stories and give up, fearing they don’t know enough and will just end up becoming another victim of ruthless and greedy website agencies.

Take a few minutes to learn some of the basics and don’t be shy about asking questions.

2 – No time

The perennial problem of being a small business owner is there are never enough hours in the day. So once you’ve done a day’s work, plus the paperwork, plus whatever you needed to prepare for tomorrow, you’re so doggone tired you can’t spare a thought for putting together a website. So, you put it off … again.

You put it on the to-do list, promising yourself you’ll get around to it but you know what they say … ‘tomorrow never comes’ (or is that a james bond movie?).

Of course, you could just pay someone else to take care of everything but (a) it’s not really the kiwi way and (b) it could end up costing you way more than it’s worth. Besides even an expensive, all-inclusive service from a high-priced agency is still going to require your time – you’ll still need to tell them what you want and what your business is about.

We offer business owners the perfect middle ground – we take care of all the technical stuff in building affordable small business websites – with the text and some photos supplied – we then put it all together.*

*Copywriting and artwork services are available and can be quoted separately.

3 – It’s too expensive

To be fair, I don’t blame small businesses from shying away from a website because they just don’t have the budget for it. With many agencies charging excessively high prices when all that’s needed is something simple, yet professional, it’s put a lot of small business owners off.

Some agencies then end up locking business owners into expensive long-term contracts, making the overall cost high and it difficult to get a positive return (low ROI).

Business owners trying to go cheap sometimes end up building a horrible-looking wix site or limiting themselves to a facebook page and not getting the full benefit of their own website, which they have full control over.

Our affordable small business websites are perfect for NZ businesses looking for a cheaper option – a complete, mobile-friendly website for under $300.

4 – They don’t see the value

This point is closely connected to the preceding reason – if it’s horribly expensive to get a website then it might seem like why bother? The business is doing fine without a website so why outlay a whole lot of cash for something when everything seems to be going ok without it?

For business owners accustomed to working with traditional methods of advertising and dealing with customers over the phone or in person, a website might seem contrary to the local feel and image you project. Or it might just be they’ve had someone explain what a website can do, how it works and how it can help improve their dealings with customers – both existing and new.

And, when you can get a complete website for under $300, it’s a whole lot easier to prove the value proposition, with the cost/benefit ratio swinging back in the business owner’s favour.

It’s a good way to establish your online presence and set a good foundation for future growth and functionality as your business adapts to a changing world.

5 – They don’t know where to start

This can be a real sticking point, and links back to the earlier point of procrastinating about getting a website. You’ve progressed to the stage of knowing you need one but don’t have a clue where to start, or how to compare all the hundreds of different offerings out there – wix, squarespace, wordpress, shopify or just facebook?

And we all know that with any project you’re thinking about undertaking, the hardest step is the first one. Once you get the ball rolling, you’re fine, you just need to start.

Since we started PogoStick Web Services back in 2008 we’ve fine tuned the process of getting small business owners their own website. We’ve made the process as simple as possible and happy to answer any questions along the way.

Start here

So while over half of all small businesses in NZ might not have a website, you don’t have to be one of them. We make it fast, easy and very affordable – so take that first step and contact us today with any questions you might have.

Or, if you ready to get started, head over to our $299 affordable business website package page and we explain the process and the simple steps involved.

5 Reasons NZ Small Businesses don’t have a Website