I just got off the phone to the local radion station. It was just a pretty average on-air competition and the prize was a couple of DVDs, so the stakes werent high. But it got me thinking.

As with most on-air interactions, there’s the usual banter before you get down to business, the DJ wants to make it look like the station cares about the average person in the street and what theyre doing (they dont) so its a carefully planned few seconds of “what are you doing with your day and why arent you working – because obviously you arent if youve got time to play radio competitions.”

Well the truth is I dont currently have a job so maybe thats why I’m playing them – and why couldnt they have useful prizes like petrol vouchers and groceries. Anyhoo, since I’m in the business of online marketing I realised these harmless calls to the radio station could be put to good use. Instead of talking about my wild bike ride to the other side of town like I did, why didnt I make a shameless plug for my new website (www.pogostick.co.nz) and get the faithful listeners to visit it and maybe click on a Google ad while they’re there?

Good to remember for next time … oh yes there will be another time. The king of radio competitions is not dead yet.

A missed opportunity?