Website hosting is a necessary part of having a business website, but when it comes to where to host your site, the options can seem overwhelming. You’ve possibly seen dozens of ads talking about secure and reliable hosting, managed WordPress hosting, SSD storage, dedicated hosting, regular backups, 99% uptimes, SSL and zone management. And then there’s the super cheap introductory deals, some from as low as $1.

By this point, your brain is hurting. You just wanted hosting because you can’t have a website without it (note: companies like Shopify, Squarespace and Wix are hosting companies; they charge a higher price because they include a website builder) but now it seems like there’s just too much choice, and you start getting paranoid about making the wrong choice, of going with the wrong hosting company.

To make things worse, your Google searches don’t help. Most reviews are fake unfortunately, paid for by the hosting companies. Reviews that include these affiliate links should be listed as sponsored but often aren’t, so it’s hard to tell what’s a genuine review and what isn’t.

And the way hosting companies advertise is enough to give you trust issues. The low prices they advertise don’t represent the true cost. The renewal price (after the introductory period has passed) can be a lot more, up to ten times higher (but they figure you won’t be bothered moving once you’ve transferred your website to them). The price may be in US dollars (so just about double), may not include tax and they may also try to add on a whole lot of other extras before you get to the checkout.

If they’re trying to mislead you about the actual cost of your hosting, what else are they being less than honest about? Do they oversell their service, leading to bad performance and outages? Is their support completely useless or impossible to contact?

Better hosting that’s simple and affordable

Here at PogoStick Web Services, we’ve always strived to keep things easy, simple and straightforward. No tricks, no gimmicks, no hoops to jump through or up-sells to wade through. We offer the same, simple, no-nonsense approach with our hosting.

Here are a few reasons why we think our hosting service is better than the rest.

  • Simple to get started – No complicated, lengthy sign-up forms with tricky up-sell questions to navigate. Just give us a couple of details in the form below and we can get it sorted.
  • Simple, transparent billing – One easy payment once a year; you receive an email reminder before it’s due and just click through to pay. Again, no nasty up-sells, bill shock, extra service charges or unexpected price rises.
  • Set and forget – We offer a managed hosting service so you don’t need to bother with any of the technical behind-the-scenes stuff, we do all that for you, including ongoing optimisation to make sure your website hosting is running as fast, securely and reliably as possible.
  • All the usual features – That big list of technical specifications that you see with hosting – yep, we’ve got that too. You can get all the details on our hosting product page, but just know, we work hard to make sure the hosting service is perfect for your requirements, while staying affordable.
  • Free transfers – Are you feeling trapped with your current host? Hosting providers rely on this to keep you stuck with them, but don’t stress, often it’s a lot easier to switch hosting providers than you think. Often we can do the whole changeover for free, just get in touch to find out.
  • Personally managed – Most hosting providers expect you to do all the stuff related to your website, DNS records or email accounts – this can be time consuming or expensive if you have to hire someone to do it for you. We personally manage the whole setup for you – we’re easily accessible by email and respond to all questions within 24 hours.
  • No traps – We don’t try to trick you into staying with us, lock you into long-term contracts or sell you stuff you don’t need. It’s simple hosting, just pay a low monthly cost and we do the rest, and if you decide to switch to another provider, that’s fine too. Just let us know and we can backup your account to easily move somewhere else. We like our customers to have that sort of peace of mind.
  • Trusted by hundreds – We already look after hundreds of NZ businesses, and have done so for over 10 years. We come highly recommended, with many of our clients referring their friends to us, and have been with us for many years.
  • Simplify with a single provider – It can be confusing having to deal with different companies for the different pieces of your website – domain registrar, hosting and website designer. It also makes it hard when knowing who to contact when there’s a problem. We simplify everything by providing one place you can get everything – domain, hosting and a very affordable website.
  • Always great value – Like everything we do here at PogoStick Web Services, we strive to offer our customers the best value possible. Our simple managed hosting service bundles a lot of features into one easy payment. We’ve seen similar services offered by other agencies for over $500. Ours is just a few dollars a week.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our hosting service – to make it better, easier and more affordable for our clients – and above all, we want them to be happy, and not have to worry about managing their website hosting on their own.

So, if you’re tired of wondering what’s the best hosting for you, whether you’re paying too much and getting little in return, and you just want an easy-to-deal-with kiwi company to look after it all for just $12.90/month, then complete the form below and start the process today.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to explain the next steps involved.

Simple Website Hosting – Managed AND Affordable