This is obviously an ad for a thickshake right?
They says things go in cycles and I think we’re about to see one go full circle.

Marketing – it’s a dirty word any way you look at it, but we’re bombarded with it all the time. We can’t escape it. A while back some crazy kids came up with the idea of making marketing hip. They started poking fun at the traditional hacks, pretending they were fighting against the man with a new brand of sardonic wit that masqueraded as clever humour.

It was so clever in fact that no one realised it was a full-scale marketing attack, that flew easily beneath the radar (refer to Old Spice video virus).

Let’s go back to just being obvious. Like when someone parks the car on the side of the road. Don’t put ‘For Sale’. Everyone knows you’re selling if you slap a price on it. Easy. Done. Message received. No mind games. Obvious marketing – it’s the new (old) way of promoting your wares.

So let’s think about some marketing channels and how they could benefit from the new wave of “obvious marketing”.

Billboards – So everyone’s used to seeing the upmarket lifestyle slapped on a billboard, flash cars, girls, shiny things – all to promote Britney’s new perfume. Let’s get obvious. Slap up a photo of the bottle, and underneath something straight-up like: This won’t make you like Britney. We promise.

TV ads – Emotional advertising seems to be the current buzz in the TV advertising space right now. It’s not about the nuts and bolts. It’s not about the tech specs. It’s not even about the brand name. It’s about connecting with the viewer’s emotions. Reach out and tickle their left ventricle. Sorry but note to ad agency – save the kum-bah-yah for the campfire circle, stop trying to manipulate me to take sides and imagine that germy jim on the toilet seat is the anti-christ. Take a note from Chathams TV – ads are typed on screen, without the romantic music, soft-focus images and complimentary guilt trip. Honest and easy for a simple guy like me.

Internet ads – There are just too many disturbing examples of bad ads on the internet (remember these shockers?) but the basic premise behind a lot of them is to dazzle, confuse and entice the visitor to click. And that’s the problem – they pretend that’s all they want. It’s only once you’ve clicked (because who wouldn’t when you just happen to be the millionth visitor and you just want to claim your prize??) that you realize you’ve signed up to some Nigerian bank account scheme and provided your master password to a network of Ukrainian hackers. So from now on I want to keep internet ads obvious – when you click on an ad, any ad, you’ll be presented with a full page of terms, conditions and details on what it’s really all about – before proceeding. It’s only fair.

Why not try some obvious marketing for your business?

If you feel like it’s time to get your message out there, now’s a good time to try some Google AdWords and flex your ‘obvious marketing’ talents. For a limited time, we’re offering a special 2-for-1 on your ad spend, up to a maximum of $50. All you need is to decide what keywords you want to show up for, write a short ad and you’re done! Contact us now to learn more!

Just a quick ps – and I don’t want to appear like this is double standards, because seriously I’m a big fan of all things obvious, I like to think I’m the Captain Obvious of advertising (hey I have a Y chromosome which inhibits my ability to do subtle) – but I’m a sucker for this piece of slick, totally irrelevant advertising.

Obvious marketing

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  • Mon, 18 Jul, 11 at 11:33 pm

    hi greg. i can definitely recommend wordpress, its scalable enough to handle any size site yet flexible to handle multiple authors/contributors. id also recommend you do it sooner rather than later – the bigger the site becomes the more involved it gets transferring it to a different CMS.

  • Mon, 18 Jul, 11 at 11:01 pm

    Hi Jason,

    Thinking about porting my site over to a WordPress/Joomla/Other based platform but haven’t had the time to really learn all the coding etc.
    I want to keep full editorial and posting control so effectively looking at getting a new chassis to make the site look and feel more modern. Currently I have over 650 interlinked pages and it will likely grow to 3k+ pages in the next 2-3 years.

    Need multi level log ins for regional updates.

    Will be away for a couple of days but please feel free to send me an email.

    Thanks Greg

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