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Use this calculator to see how much you could save by switching to PogoStick Web Services. Enter numbers only (including any GST).

If you use a monthly service, like Shopify or Squarespace, enter the cost of your time to set up your website in the Design & build box below, then enter your annual costs in the hosting section below.

1 - Design & build

2 - Domain Fees

3 - Website Hosting

4 - Website Changes & Development

5 - Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC etc.)

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One-off Savings

Website Design & Build: $ (Our price from $299) Learn more.

Recurring Savings (per year)

  • Domain Renewals: $ (Our price for NZ domains is $22/year) Learn more.
  • Hosting: $ (Our price $7.90/mo) Learn more.
  • Website Updates & Maintenance: $ (Our price $40/hr)
  • Digital Marketing / SEO: $ (Our price $40/hr)
These results are indicative only. For a custom quote, please contact us.