Christchurch Wheelie Bin trucks creating a buzz

To be honest I never thought I’d be blogging about wheelie bin trucks but with the recently introduced Transpacific wheelie bin trucks rolled out as part of the Christchurch City Council’s new kerbside collection programme they have been the talk of the town. Now you’re probably thinking Christchurch people need to get out more but honestly rubbish collection here is serious business; the wild protests and record complaints received by the council when the number of rubbish bags were halved a couple of years ago was ample proof of that. So how is everyone coping with the latest development? While there’s been a few hiccups it seems everyone’s getting the hang of it and, strangely enough, are completely fascinated with the new trucks. How do I know this? Because of YouTube.

Christchurch wheelie bins confuse

Yay finally, after trailing behind lots of other cities including Timaru (ugh!) we have finally caught up with the times and now have wheelie bins – hot diggety dooo! From about early March we have started using the three separate wheelie bins; the weekly green organics bin, and the bi-weekly red (general rubbish) and yellow (recyclables) bins.