Designed for efficiency
Designed for efficiency

When you first start playing the Facebook game FarmVille you probably have a lot of questions like what seeds are the most profitable to plant and will help me level up the quickest. Or should you focus on animals, making money from livestock? Or then again maybe you feel more inclined to grow trees instead and have yourself a nice little money-making orchard. FarmVille can seem pretty tedious to begin with and you may even wonder if you’ll stick at it for long. Like anything, you’ll enjoy it more if you get good at it so try the FarmVille tips below to improve your farming skills, but also make sure you get as many friends (neighbors) on board to play FarmVille with you so you send each other free gifts but also so you’ve got some competition to keep you motivated to keep leveling up!

Having broken my ankle recently I had a little more free time than usual so have found myself playing it more than I normally would, and have learned a few things along the way. So someone else can benefit from the hours I’ve spent watching the grass grow, I’ve listed my top tips below.

Design your farm for mass production

I look around my friend’s farms and everyone is different, in fact I’m pretty sure a psychologist could accurately profile each and every one of them by how they laid out their farm. Some do it for aesthetics, others do it for practicality. Personally I like efficiency, and that will help you when it comes to planting, harvesting and plowing, especially if you don’t have all day.

So I recommend you plant any trees you have around the top edges so they don’t get in the way, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to click around the bushes. Have even squares plowed for as much land as you can spare, the more plowed ground you have the more cash crops the more money you’ll make. Make sure all your squares are all lined up (helpful when it comes to using machines to harvest).

What seeds should I plant?

Looking at the seed profitability chart below you’ll see that raspberries rank pretty highly but seriously who can harvest every 2 hours? Plus you won’t earn any XP (experience points) for planting them. While not that exciting Soy Beans work best to build yourself up. 2 XP per plant and a whole day between harvests means you can get on with real life between FarmVille sessions. Once you get more cash in the bank start planting more expensive crops with a bigger dollar value return, but obviously the more harvests you do the faster you’ll progress.


Now sometimes you may not get back to your crops when you hoped. Don’t panic you have time after they come ripe to harvest them before they wither and die. You have the same amount of time to harvest them as they took to grow. So if takes a day to grow then you have a day before they die, and you lose your crop. This means you need to be on the ball if you’re planting a fast crop like Raspberries!

Should I grow just one crop or a variety?

There are pros and cons of both options. Plant just one crop (such as the one that is most profitable) can earn you money the quickest, as well as making it convenient for harvesting, since you do it all in one go, rather than waiting as different crops come ripe at different times. You will also earn crop mastery points quicker, giving you extra coins and XP points. On the other hand, planting a variety can help you achieve ribbon awards.

Trap your farmer

By surrounding your farmer with hay bales where he stands in the middle (the position he is in when you first load up your farm) you’ll be able to harvest more quickly because you won’t need to wait for the farmer to amble over!

I never knew watching rice grow could be so exciting!
I never knew watching rice grow could be so exciting!

What should I spend my money on?

While it’s tempting to spend your hard earned money on cute little farm decorations like garden arches and letterboxes, you’re better off saving up to expand your farm and planting higher value crops. You should be able to get most of your trees and livestock as gifts from neighbors. And you don’t need to worry about buying fences to keep animals contained – they’ll stay put with or without fencing.

You can buy tractors, seeders and harvesters to do 4 plots at a time instead of 1, which seems like a great idea except they use tractor fuel and you can only buy fuel using FarmVille dollars. And dollars are hard to come by. You only earn one dollar for each level you reach, so that’s not a lot, and the only other way is to buy them using real money or completing certain offers (which seem to be an open invitation for spam). Fortunately you do get a full tank of fuel each day but it only does about half a field so it means unless you want to hand over real cash or sign-up for spam, these machines are of limited value.

Collect extra XP by helping your neighbors, and let them help you

You can earn an additional 5 XP by visiting all your neighbors and helping them out, and in the process you’ll work towards earning a ribbon. Neighbors can also help you by sending you gifts, bonuses you’ll see on your Facebook Wall and stray animals. Try to repay the favors when you can.

To expand your farm and increase production you’ll need a certain number of farming neighbors  – you can invite your Facebook friends and hopefully they’ll sense the urgency of your situation and accept.

There are lots of ribbons you can earn to pick up extra XP and coins, and it can be a fun distraction while your crops are doing their thing.

Ribbons and Awards

Another way to earn XP points is to be awarded ribbons for achieving different farming milestones like harvesting from a range of unique trees, crops or animals. You can also earn ribbons for adopting stray animals you notice appearing on your Facebook Wall. Check the ribbon panel for any that you can earn without too much effort – it’s an easy way to get extra XP points.

Buying Decorations

While it can seem like a waste of productive farm land building farm houses and hay barns, you can instantly earn a whole lot of XP points, vital as the distance between levels becomes even bigger as you advance to the higher levels.

The dreaded ‘out of sync’ blue screen of death

Every now and then you’ll be working so fast on your farm that the FarmVille web server needs to refresh the page to resync your game. This can be a real pain if you’d just plowed your entire field and it restarts you. To save yourself having to redo any work, make sure that you leave the game untouched while it’s catching up – don’t go off helping some other farm or visiting a different site.

Enjoy your farming experience – it’s so much easier than the real thing.

FarmVille – Tips to level up fast!
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