Miley trains to outpace the paparazzi, all set for the upcoming City to Surf

With the Christchurch City to Surf happening in just under 2 weeks I’m hoping that either your training programme is well underway or you’ve decided to drive the 12km instead. The latter is my preferred mode of transport but there’s not a lot of personal satisfaction or badges of honour in driving that kind of distance.

Of course, for the seasoned pros reading this running 12km is a sneeze before breakfast and they’d quite likely snort condescendingly at the idea of people actually having to train for an event like that but for us mere mortals the two options are: train or pay for it for the 3 weeks following the run.

I ran the Christchurch City to Surf last year with a minimum of training and nursed sore legs for a few days after. The free CCC BBQ made it all worthwhile (I’m a sucker for free food) so for me that was reason enough to run it. As for the points of honour? Take it or leave it, just give me a free steak and a beer and I’ll run it all over again.

So how’s my training going? My City to Surf training has been an interesting collection of alternative techniques I’ve been piloting, in the interests of scientific research of course. First up was a week of camping in Tukurua. That was probably the most rugged training I’ve done in my life. A solid 7 days of sleeping and lounging by the beach, cooked breakfasts rich in lipids and hop-based drinks as well as an intense open-aired drive for over 6 hours. Yep, I was pretty worn out at the end of that. But the hardest is yet to come. A special 2-day training camp is planned for Hokitika this coming weekend. It’s top secret so I really can’t say too much but it will definitely give me an advantage over the rest of the field.

If you’re reading this, and it’s left you with a dampened brow, then obviously exercise isn’t your thing. My advice, which by the way is not something I dole out often because no one listens to it, is stick to exercise disguised as fun. This can include jumping to conclusions, wrestling with your conscience and running to the freezer for more icecream.

So that’s a little sneak look into my secret, slightly unorthodox, training programme for the upcoming City to Surf. What’s your plan?

Christchurch City to Surf 2010
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