How would you rate your interest in website stuff? Out of 10? Less than one? (On a good day). Fair enough, even I get a little bored of staring at website code, so don’t feel bad if it’s not your favourite subject.

The good news is that for our clients we take care of all the technical stuff – domain, hosting, website and email service. This fully integrated service makes it easier for clients – everything in one place and one point of contact, avoiding complicated setups, which can be a real headache for website owners.

But, even if you do have us looking after all your website stuff, there are three things that as a website owner, you should know and have ready access to.

1 – Your domain name

We’ve talked before about how your domain name is an important business asset. This means you should look after it the same you look after any other business asset – your tools, your office, car or intellectual property. You should know where it’s registered, and make sure it’s in your name (or the name of the business). You should have a login so you can change it’s settings at any time, such as switching to a different hosting service.

Contact us if you need any help getting access to your domain name, you can also get in touch with the DNC to resolve ownership issues.

Domain record management: In some rare situations, your website might be hosted with one provider but your domain records (MX, CNAME, TXT, A etc) with another (our hosting includes both). In this case, you should know where your domain records are being managed, as this is a critical part of your domain setup. Or switch to a provider that gives you both.

2 – Your email service

While we do include a free POP email service with our affordable hosting packages, some business owners choose a more comprehensive email service such as Google Workspace. We can link their domain to this third-party service at no extra cost but in the event of any email issues it’s important to contact them first.

Not sure who your email is with? You can search your inbox for a sign-up email with a provider such as Google, Microsoft or Zoho. Alternatively, use an online tool like this can give you some clues about who your email provider is.

3 – Your website admin

This is the login to the back end of your website so you can make updates at any time. All our affordable website packages include admin access (just contact us if you don’t have login details).

Keep a note of your login details, and, as with other website-related assets we recommend using an alternative email (such as a business gmail account) as a contingency in situations where you lose access to your domain-based email.

Need help?

While it might be tempting to put off figuring these things out for a day when you’re feeling more excited about “website stuff”, this can be dangerous. The last thing you want is panic stations when you lose access to your email or website, and have no idea who to contact or how to access your domain settings. Be prepared!

We can help, either with helping you find information about where your domain is registered, or or transferring your domain or hosting to our service, to have everything in one place. In most cases, transferring to our affordable hosting service, is free.

What are the 3 things every website owner should know?
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