website-new-years-resolutionNot wanting to rain on anyone’s parade but let’s be realistic here. That great new year’s resolution to start a business website and market yourself online is probably never going to happen.


Think about this. Why have you not already done it? The very reason you had to make it a new year’s resolution is indication enough there is some resistance to the idea. And it’s that resistance that will likely derail your noble resolution.

It’s no different from any other new year’s resolution: weight loss, hitting the gym, quitting smoking, new diets, personality upgrades – they all suffer from the same central flaw – you are turning a positive change into a battleground.

Better to tackle the real enemy – you

Instead of trying to tackle this change head-on try to understand the root cause of the resistance. The follow questions may help you to analyse the situation:

  • Do you hold back from getting a website or marketing online because you don’t really trust it? Or understand it?
  • Are you worried about wasting money online?
  • Do you feel websites are overpriced?
  • Do you worry it will become a white elephant?
  • Are you scared of being hacked?
  • Do you fail to see any real value to your business?
  • Are you scared of technology in general?
  • Are you worried about being committed to something you can’t back out of?

Once you can understand the real reasons for your resistance to change you’re in a much better position to tackle it effectively.

Your best weapon is education

The more you understand the change you’re looking at undertaking, the better equipped you’ll be to change effectively, and the less afraid you’ll be (less fear of the unknown).

Education is particularly valuable when getting into a new website or online marketing as the industry is unfortunately jam-packed with slick salespeople eager to part you with your hard-earned dollars. Even online research can be confusing and contradictory.

We have heard so many horror stories of business owners being duped (even by seemingly respectable companies) out of thousands of dollars, paying a whole lot more than they needed to for something that failed to fit their needs – don’t be another statistic.

The more you ask around, the more you’ll be able to sniff out a ruse. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get a second opinion. Even if you think they’re stupid questions. It could be the most valuable stupid question you ever ask since prices for websites can vary between $299 and $20,000.

Sadly, for those who don’t enjoy technology, there’s no hiding from it. The world is becoming more and more connected and your customers expect you to have a website (even if it’s only a basic one for starters).

Forget New Year’s resolutions – Just do it

I think we’ve all had enough New Years to know those resolutions just don’t work. Let’s not waste anymore time trying to make them work. Instead focus on your goal and figure out why there’s resistance. Understand the problem, and the solution will become clear – and much easier to achieve.

If you have any questions (even stupid ones!) about setting up a new website for your business or marketing online, then get in touch – we’re happy to share our advice and help you achieve your goals for 2015!

Why your new year’s resolution won’t work