Petra fronting media show @Seven has been described as 'embarrassing TV'
Petra's not happy to know her '@Seven' show is described as 'embarrassing TV'

I’ve just finished watching an episode (if it’s worthy of being called that, possibly cringe-fest is more appropriate) of @Seven, TV3s substitute teacher while John Campbell tries to find a normal life camping at a secret Northland location. Sorry TV3 I don’t usually have a problem with your programming but seriously it would have been more compelling viewing if you’d played infomercials.

The only thing that saved the TV from being turfed out the hotel window (if I had one) was Paul Ego’s comic genius. Trouble is, Paul (of Seven Days fame) just made Petra look even worse. C’mon Petra you’ve been in TV long enough to at least have something resembling a sense of humour, I mean you hung out with Jon Bridges (incidentally the producer of @Seven) and Nathan Rarere from Ice TV didn’t you? And what did we get tonight? “Being nice to crims will boost their self esteem.” Brilliant. But not as brilliant as telling us that JJ and Dom were from the Rock (they are a couple of clowns from the Edge). Fantastic.

Petra got off to a bad start, stammering her way through her opening lines and getting progressively worse from there. It ended with an awkward-looking smile at the camera that went on just a little bit too long as the show closed. Steve Wrigley and Jeremy Elwood held their own as supporting cast, even if Steve did come across a little nervous and Jeremy had some unfunny content. Dai Henwood did a funny segment on making cheese (even if the milking section was a little disturbing) but overall the show was weak and embarrassing. Maybe it’s intentional so that it’ll make John look fantastic when he gets back in the hot-seat.

To be fair it’s been a rough patch for Petra, with claims of marriage counselling and having to condescend to touch kids from a third world country for money, there are maybe valid reasons why she has no sense of humour and fails to hold a show together. Don’t worry Petra, it’s only a summer job.

Not wanting to rub salt in any wounds (from what I can tell the only wounds were those inflicted on the viewers) but here’s a little sprinkling of comments from the great news service known as Twitter:

@natobasso dim @seven crap
@AdageBusiness @jethrocarr OMG no me and others are referring to the hideous show on TV3 – apologies to the real @seven
@philipnewmannz Ohhh I see what the complaints about @seven on TV3. College TV? Are they all drunk? Is the show a joke? @cjlambert @JamesHancox
AdageBusiness Oh please @seven don’t come back tomorrow – we give you permission to stay off air
@vavroom With all the negative feedback about @seven I haven’t even bothered turning the tv on
@alikat2k @Wendy_lane watching the simpsons, I gave up on @seven a few weeks ago #lame
@svs @mjbnz Even the TV ads for @seven made me cringe. You aren’t the only one.

@Seven? Maybe they should rename it ‘@Least it’s not Paul Henry

Even a Clever Name won’t save it from TV Hell
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9 thoughts on “Even a Clever Name won’t save it from TV Hell

  • Sun, 20 Feb, 11 at 1:51 am

    Now Ms Bagust is boring us to death with her inane remarks on TV1 Breakfast. Don’t watch the show any more, seven is welcome to her.

  • Fri, 29 Jan, 10 at 7:31 pm

    loved @seven, good light hearted stuff, much better than dramatised Cambell stuff. Difference is that @seven is basically all good news and of course we know that doesn’t sell.

  • Thu, 28 Jan, 10 at 7:04 pm

    I really like Petra, I think she is lovely. The show was bad at the start, and slowly became bearable, I even laughed a few times, especially the non-studio segements. i just think maybe she takes some gigs not suited, but i guess if you don’t have a crack you won’t know. So I try to give her a fair go.

  • Tue, 26 Jan, 10 at 6:53 pm

    Television at its absolute worst; village hall amateurism lacking in content or humour; 30 vacuumous minutes of amateur TV3 in house ‘celeb’ rollouts keeping only themselves amused; TV3 have entirley missed their target market with this (unless that target was their own staff)and Campbell will have to work hard to build ratings in this timeslot again; TV3 have got it right in recent years but this sets them back 10 years.Bridges should be carpeted, Bagust is an embarrasing try hard better suited to syrupy scripts (pause for patronising smile to camera); TVNZ must be loving it.

  • Mon, 25 Jan, 10 at 6:30 pm

    early evening light hearted comedy, can do with.
    early evening, self promoting, w__kers on both tv1 and tv3, can do without.
    I am sure Petra will improve to others standards- but with the comedians at her side, did fine in my books.
    If TV3 does’nt keep it- Prime- please!

  • Wed, 20 Jan, 10 at 9:04 pm

    Understand your point. But i know it is your opinions, but i have got to say, TV has been waiting for something like this for a while. Sure Petra might not be the perfect match for it but it is definitely a lighter side to current affairs or a program like Close Up. Sam

  • Tue, 19 Jan, 10 at 11:50 am

    Thanks Sam but you seemed to have missed the point that this is a blog and not Wikipedia i.e. this is just my opinion presented in my own special way. You might like Petra but I know plenty of people who have met her and don’t (follow the link to the Stuff article in the blog post to see what I mean). And yeh you’re right TV3 could do worse for a gap-filler …

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, appreciated.

  • Tue, 19 Jan, 10 at 11:26 am

    You seem to know nothing about anything. Yeah sure Petra might not be as funny as the other comedians , but she isn’t a comedian. At least she doesn’t try and be funny like some other presenters where the presenters around them are forced to laugh. She has the odd joke which are actually funny. She has the experience of television presenting and Paul and Ben have the experience of comedy. Put them together and they make a great show to fill in the gap between the holidays . @seven = 10/10

  • Thu, 14 Jan, 10 at 11:22 am

    Steve (aka Wrigglemania) told me he was unaware of being nervous and puts it down to being too loud. Fair call.

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