One of our recent website projects is evidence of our beloved canines advance in social status here in NZ. In terms of dog accessories there were no designer collars, beds or bowties for our best friend. After a hard day rounding up sheep and tolerating a farmer’s lack of manners, it was off to the dog box, literally.

One business is about to change all that.

Madame Accessoires is a boutique online store run from Auckland and selling designer dog accessories direct from Europe to NZ dog owners. The website design needed to reflect the European heritage of the quality accessories (which also includes ladies bag hooks and gift vouchers for women). What better symbol of high fashion from Europe than Paris itself?

Animation and sound

While in most cases we would advise against having any sound autoplaying on your website (particularly embarrassing for office workers who will go into panic mode to mute their computer!) it was deemed necessary to convey the authentic feel that was being created – essentially transporting the web visitor to the very streets of Paris.

But it’s not just a treat for the ears. Visually Paris is created as a Frenchman guides his hot-air balloon across the top and down into the cafe scene. It uses jQuery animation to move the images dynamically when the page is opened. There’s almost an element of 3D as the balloon grows larger before receding back into the menu.

Mobile friendly

Online shopping is growing rapidly in popularity. Now your customers are demanding to purchase direct from their smartphone or tablet. Madame Accessoires is well prepared for this trend with a website designed to be responsive to smaller screens.

Why not try it out on your phone, or iPad, and see how the site dynamically resizes and reshapes the layout to accommodate everything?

Secure DPS checkout

One thing holding some back from doing more online shopping is the fear of having their credit card details hijacked. Using a secure checkout option like DPS helps reassure customers their credit card details will be safe and not stored unsecurely where they could be potentially hacked.

Free shipping

One of the eight tips for online retailers given by Zendesk is to avoid unexpected charges. Bearing this in mind we generally recommend offering free shipping. While it’s not practical for some businesses to offer this, particularly when selling overseas, it can really help to push customers to buy, and avoids any extra costs when they get to the checkout.

E-commerce websites should be functional not just pretty

There is often a debate between form and function but why not have both? Of course if you have to choose one, always go with function. A frustrated online shopper is not good for business or improving your conversion rate (completed orders vs. total visitors).

Fortunately with our $699 Retail Premium package you can have both – we have the experience and know-how to help you start selling online in 2015.

Quality Dog Accessories for Pampered Pooches