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Good Reading


How do you market a cheap service?

If you’re in business and have a product or service that is great value for money you want to tell the whole world about it right? Not so fast. Going to market with a simple ‘we’ve got a cheap product’ sounds effective but it can open a can of wormy worms. So put the lid […]


Are you letting your business be robbed?

I know it sounds absurd. Seriously what sort of business owner would willingly allow their business to be robbed? But it happens all the time and the worst part is they don’t realise it until it’s too late, the business cash flow has run dry and they have to close the doors on their dream. […]


Samsung Galaxy S2: Custom Android upgrades

If you own a Samsung Galaxy SII (or S2) then it’s possible your local carrier has stopped issuing Android updates. Here in NZ, most telcos (Telecom, now Spark, and Vodafone) have not offered anything beyond Jellybean (4.1.2). To check connect your Galaxy S2 to your PC using Samsung’s Kies software and see if there are […]

Setting up multiple language websites

How to build an SEO multi-lingual translates WordPress site

If your business website needs to reach an audience that crosses different languages then you should seriously consider creating a multi-lingual translated website. While it’s tempting to just add a Google Translate bar to your site, for the love of all that’s good – don’t. It’s a very poor substitute for a manually translated website, […]