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Four tips for kiwis selling in the USA

Having spent the last four weeks in the USA studying the American market, I’ve compiled four takeaway points that could be helpful for NZ businesses aiming at extending their customer base to the land of the free (and significantly better off financially than much of the world). The internet, and with it globalisation, has opened […]


Web page layout – What’s best?

When it comes to adding a new page to your website, you might feel a little restricted with regard to your layout options. While print designers have the freedom to lay text and images out however they please (and know they’ll stay that way) a website has certain restrictions due to the variety of screen […]


3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs their Own Website

I headed along to the Pallet Pavilion in Christchurch (the site of the old Crowne Plaza, near Victoria Sqare) the other day and the place was humming. It was something of a swansong market day, with the ‘temporary’ gap filler project being dismantled in just a few weeks. But the atmosphere was anything but morbid […]


Is your small business ready for growth?

If your new business has taken off and survived the turbulent first year or two then you’ll soon face the next big challenge – to grow or not to grow. It’s not always an easy decision to make. Growth can appear tempting; more money, expanding into new markets, even the possibility of being bought by […]